How to Cleanse Tarot Cards Without Tools: Simple and Effective Ways to Purify Your Deck


Tarot cards are a powerful tool to gain insight into yourself and your environment. They offer a way to approach personal growth and understanding on a much deeper level than through the use of books and other traditional forms of self-help. However, to get the most out of the experience, it’s important to cleanse tarot cards periodically. Cleansing tarot cards consists of a series of steps that clears away limited beliefs, generational patterns, and accumulated energies which can be difficult to access through traditional methods. This article will explore how to cleanse tarot cards without any tools whatsoever— simple and effective ways to purify your deck.

Why Cleanse Tarot Cards

Cleansing tarot cards is an important part of the tarot reading process. If tarot cards are not regularly cleansed, the cards can become clogged with energy from all of the readings that have taken place. This can make them less accurate, as their messages may be distorted by the external energies that have been imprinted on them. Cleansing tarot cards is also a way to make the readings more accurate and relevant to the querent. It clears the deck of any old energy so that the messages on the cards can be more closely aligned with the querent’s current circumstances. Additionally, cleansing tarot cards helps protect the reader from any negative energy that can have an adverse effect on their health.

Simple Ways to Cleanse Tarot Cards

There are several different ways to cleanse tarot cards without using any special tools or rituals. These methods are fairly simple, and can be performed in just a few minutes:


Smudging the tarot cards is one of the most common and effective ways to cleanse them. Smudging involves burning certain herbs like white sage, cedar, or sweetgrass, then wafting the smoke over the tarot cards. This can help clear out any old energy and also bring in new, positive energy. When smudging, it’s important to open a window and allow the smoke to safely escape the room.

Moon Bathing

Another simple way to cleanse tarot cards is to leave them out in the moonlight. This is often referred to as moon bathing or lunar cleansing. Taking the deck outside and allowing the moon’s energy to bathe the cards can help to purify and recharge them. This practice can be particularly helpful during a full moon as the extra energy can help bring even more clarity to readings conducted with the cards.


Salt is a powerful purifying agent, and is often used to cleanse tarot cards. To use this method, one simple shakes the deck of cards in some sea salt and then allows them to sit for several minutes. The salt should then be brushed off the cards and tossed out. This simple practice can help remove any excess energy and help clear away any blockages in the reading.


There are many ways to cleanse tarot cards without the need for any special tools or rituals. Smudging, moon bathing, and salt are all powerful and effective ways to purify your deck of cards and make readings more accurate. Incorporating any of these methods into your tarot practice can help you to achieve a higher level of intuition and understanding.
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What type of items can be used to cleanse tarot cards?

Items commonly used to cleanse tarot cards include sage smudge sticks, incense, essential oils, singing bowls, and salt. More traditional methods include placing the cards under a full moon or burying them in the earth.

What is the best way to cleanse tarot cards?

The best way to cleanse your tarot cards is through a simple practice of smudging. This can be done by selecting your preferred form of smudging (such as dried sage, palo santo, cedar, or sweetgrass), lighting the smudge stick, and wafting the smoke over the cards while focusing your intention to cleanse the energy of the cards. Other ways to cleanse the cards include using a crystal singing bowl, placing the cards in the light of the full moon, or setting them out in the sunlight.

What do you need to cleanse tarot cards?

To cleanse tarot cards, you will need: a cloth (preferably cotton), sea salt or herbs, a bowl of water, a candle, and a holy item such as a crystal or a spiritual symbol. Place the cloth in the bowl and sprinkle it with salt and herbs. Place the tarot cards on top of the herbs and light the candle. Gently pour the water over the cards while focusing your intention to purify them. Finally, place the holy item on top of the deck to seal in the cleansing energies.

What herbs can be used to cleanse tarot cards?

• Lavender

• Sage

• Rosemary

• Juniper

• Sweet Grass

• Palo Santo

• Mugwort

• Cedar

What methods are used to cleanse tarot cards?

1. Clearing your deck and setting intentions. This is usually done with either a cleansing ritual and/or prayer.

2. Smudging. Using either a sage smudge stick, incense, or clearing spray over the cards to clear any negative energy.

3. Visualization. Visualize a bright white light or other form of protection emanating from you and into your deck and imagine any negative energy or attachments dissolving or melting away.

4. Bury or release your cards. Either bury your cards in the earth or physically release the energy by throwing them away, cutting them up, or purging them in fire or water.