How to Ask Tarot About Love: Questions and Spreads for Relationship Insight


Tarot cards are an intuitive and helpful tool that can be used to uncover significant information about relationships. When the cards are laid out in a certain order, known as a “spread,” the information that is revealed can be incredibly informative, providing insight into the current state and future possibilities for a relationship. Before beginning a tarot reading about love and relationships, it is important to understand the different spreads, as well as the kinds of questions that can be asked and the best way to phrase them.


Questions related to love can be framed in a variety of ways. The most common questions are open-ended questions that express curiosity about the relationship in its current state or a potential outcome. For example, the question “What can I do to foster a healthy relationship?” or “What should I be mindful of in the days to come?” are both good questions to ask. Situational questions, such as “Will our relationship survive this challenge?” or “What should I do if my partner does __?” are also great questions for tarot readings.


There are various layouts, known as spreads, that can be used to ask tarot questions. The meaning of each position of the spread can vary depending on the specific questions asked and the layout chosen. In general, spreads are either five card or ten card spreads, with each card in the spread aligned to have a deeper meaning. For questions about love, some popular spreads include the:

  • 3 Card Spread: This spread is used to lay out the roles and characteristics of each partner in the relationship. It can be used to compare and understand how each partner contributes to the relationship in different ways.
  • Celtic Cross Spread: This popular ten card spread is used to delve deeply into a relationship’s current state, as well as its potential future. The spread is designed to reveal key insights into the complexities of the relationship.
  • Pathworking Spread: This spread is used to probe into the development of a relationship over time. The slowly unfolding journey of this spread can reveal things about each partner’s individual needs and desires, as well as how they come together in the relationship.


Overall, tarot cards can be an excellent tool to use when looking for guidance on matters of the heart. For a reading to be as successful as possible, it is important to choose the right questions, as well as the right spread, to create the best possible outcome. By asking thoughtful questions, while carefully studying the layout of cards, anyone will be well on their way to understanding their relationships in a deeper, more meaningful way.



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Are there any particular tarot decks that are best for tarot readings related to love and relationships?

Yes, there are a few tarot decks that have become popular for readings related to love and relationships. These include The Lovers Tarot, The Soulmate Tarot, and The Mystic Dreamer Tarot. The Rider Waite Tarot is also an excellent deck for this type of reading. No particular deck is better or worse than any other, so it’s ultimately up to the individual’s preferences.

What questions should one ask when utilizing tarot as a tool for relationship guidance?

1. What can I do to improve my current relationship?

2. How can I communicate better with my partner?

3. What steps do I need to take to have a more fulfilling relationship?

4. Are there any obstacles that I need to be aware of in this relationship?

5. What can I do to bring more balance and harmony to my relationship?

6. How can I show my partner what I need from this relationship?

7. Are there any changes that I need to make to bring more happiness to this relationship?

What type of tarot spreads are most effective to use when seeking insight about romantic relationships?

The most effective tarot spreads to use when seeking insight about romantic relationships are the Three Card Spread, the Celtic Cross, and the Relationship Spread. The Three Card Spread uses three cards in a linear position to provide a view of the past, present, and future of the relationship in question. The Celtic Cross is a 10-card spread used to gain insight into the dynamics of the relationship, its obstacles, and likely outcomes. Finally, the Relationship Spread is most popular for this purpose and provides a deeper look at the relationship across nine positions.

How do tarot cards provide a deeper understanding of the dynamics of love relationships?

Tarot cards provide an insightful look into the underlying dynamics of love relationships by providing an opportunity to reflect on the various elements that make up the relationship. The cards can provide insight into the emotions, motivations and intentions at play in the relationship as well as ways that one partner may be blocking progress and holding back the relationship from reaching its highest potential. Tarot reading can help couples to recognize patterns and how their behavior may be impacting their partner and the relationship as a whole. By providing a framework to evaluate the dynamics of the relationship objectively, tarot readings can help couples to create positive changes in their relationship and deepen their understanding of one another.

What are some examples of tarot card spreads for relationship insight?

1. Past, Present, and Future: The three cards in this tarot spread represent the past, present, and future of a relationship.

2. Strengths and Weaknesses: This tarot spread is used to identify the strong and weak points in a relationship.

3. Communication and Conflict: This tarot spread focuses on how communication and conflict impact a relationship.

4. Relationship Horizons: This tarot spread reveals what is possible for the future of a relationship.

5. Key Influences: This tarot spread looks at the external influences on a relationship.

6. Advise for Current Issues: This tarot spread gives advice for a current problem in the relationship.

7. Love and Connection: This tarot spread helps to identify the connection between the two partners.