How Long Is a Tarot Card Reading? Understanding Session Durations

What is a Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot card readings have been around since the 15th century and are still popular today as they can be used to gain guidance and insight. Tarot cards are a type of divinatory tool that are believed to provide insight into the past, present, and future events of an individual’s life. A tarot card reading consists of shuffling a deck of cards, which are then spread out in front of the reader, and the reader reading and interpreting the cards based on the meanings of the cards. The reading is intended to reveal the person’s current situation and the possible outcomes they may encounter in life.

How Long Is a Tarot Card Reading?

The length of a tarot card reading can vary based on the individual and the tarot reader. Generally, tarot readings last anywhere from five to thirty minutes, though some sessions can last up to an hour or more. The length of a session may also depend on the number of questions the individual has and their complexity. Often, longer readings are considered more in-depth readings and can result in more accurate insights.

Factors Affecting Tarot Card Reading Length

The length of a tarot card reading can be affected by several factors, such as the type of spread used and the complexity of the questions asked. For example, a one-card reading would typically take less time than a full 10-card reading. Furthermore, if the questions are specific or require more time to answer, the reading can take longer than average. Some tarot readers may also offer multiple-question readings, which can take longer than a single-question reading. Additionally, the level of detail and analysis put forth by the tarot reader can affect the length of a reading as well.

Types of Tarot Spreads

In tarot readings, there are different types of card spreads which can affect the length of a reading. The more cards used in a spread, the more in-depth the reading will be and the longer it will take. The most common types of tarot spreads are one-card spreads, three-card spreads, and Celtic Cross spreads. One-card spreads can take just a few minutes while a Celtic Cross spread can take up to 20 minutes or longer.

The Benefits of Longer Readings

Though longer tarot card readings may take more time than shorter readings, they provide more in-depth guidance and insights into an individual’s current situation and possible futures. Longer and more thorough readings can provide the person receiving the reading with more options and potential pathways they can take. Furthermore, the more information and advice a tarot reader can provide the querent, the better equipped the individual will be to make an informed decision about their future.

The Role of the Tarot Reader

The length and quality of a tarot card reading also largely depends on the experience and skill of the tarot reader. Experienced tarot readers will be better equipped to deliver accurate insights and detailed interpretations and will often be able to provide a longer, more in-depth reading as they have more time to delve into the cards and explain their meanings.


Though the length of a tarot card reading can vary from a few minutes to an hour or more, the most common length for a tarot reading is between five and thirty minutes. Factors such as the types of spreads used, the complexity of the questions, and the experience of the tarot reader all affect the duration of a reading. Longer readings are typically more in-depth and provide more thorough guidance, though shorter readings can be just as insightful as well. Ultimately, the length of a tarot card reading is mainly determined by the individual and the tarot reader and the desired outcome they wish to achieve.
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What is the average length of a tarot card reading?

The average length of a tarot card reading depends on the type of reading requested and the experience level of the reader. A basic reading can usually take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, while a more in-depth reading can take up to a couple of hours.

What is the cost of a tarot card reading?

The cost of a tarot card reading can vary widely depending on the tarot reader and the length of the reading. Some tarot readers may charge by the minute, for example, charging $1 per minute, while others may charge a flat rate for a reading such as $30 for a half hour reading.

What can a tarot card reading be used for?

Tarot card readings are often used for divination or spiritual guidance. Tarot card readings can help provide insights into situations and help the individual gain a better understanding of their life and circumstances. Additionally, readings can be used to answer questions related to career, love, health, and finance.

What is the average price for a tarot card reading?

The price of a tarot card reading can depend on the experience of the reader, but typically the average price ranges from $40-$90 per hour.