How Is Tarot Pronounced? A Guide to Properly Pronouncing and Enunciating ‘Tarot’

What is Tarot?

Tarot is a type of card game typically played with a deck of 78 cards and usually with four players. The tarot deck contains 22 major arcana cards, which are the most powerful and important cards in the deck, and 56 minor arcana cards, which are less powerful and important. It can be played for either fun or fortune-telling and is becoming increasingly popular amongst fortune-tellers and psychics.

How is Tarot Pronounced?

The proper pronunciation of tarot is “TAH-row”. This is the preferred French pronunciation, which is considered the most properly enunciated way to say it. The British English pronunciation of tarot is “TAH-rote”.

Other Common Mispronunciations

In addition to incorrectly pronouncing tarot as “TAH-rote,” there are several other common mispronunciations. The most common of these is “TAH-rah.” This is wrong because the “ah” sound does not exist in French.

Another mispronunciation is “TAH-rah-oo.” This is incorrect because the “oo” sound does not appear in French either.

Lastly, the pronunciation “TAR-oh” is wrong because the “o” sound is incorrect in French.

The Origins of Tarot

The origin of tarot is contested, as some believe it to be derived from the Italian card game trionfi. Others believe it to be of Ancient Egyptian or Hebrew origin. Whatever its origin, tarot has been around for many centuries and is still popular today.

Using Tarot for Fortune-Telling

Tarot is commonly used by fortune-tellers and psychics as a way to divine the future. It is believed that the major arcana cards can provide insight into the past, present, and future of the individual having the reading. The minor arcana are also used to reveal information about the individual’s life.

In order for a tarot reading to be accurate, experienced fortune-tellers must know how to properly pronounce and enunciate tarot. The proper pronunciation is essential for the tarot reader to understand the readings and accurately interpret the cards.

Variations of Tarot Pronunciation

Although the preferred French pronunciation of tarot is “TAH-row,” there are several variations in the pronunciation. These variations depend largely on the dialect and region in which the card game is played.

In U.S. English, the pronunciation is typically “TAH-row.” In some regions, the pronunciation is “TAH-rot” or “TAH-roh.” In British English, the pronunciation is “TAH-rote.” In Spanish, the pronunciation is “TAH-roh-te.” In German, the pronunciation is “TAH-ro-teh.”


Tarot is an ancient card game believed to have originated from either the Italian card game trionfi or from Ancient Egyptian or Hebrew origins. Tarot is popular amongst fortune-tellers and psychics and is often used to divine the future.

The proper pronunciation of tarot is “TAH-row,” which is the accepted French pronunciation. However, there are variations in the pronunciation of tarot, depending on the region and dialect in which the card game is played. Knowing the proper pronunciation and enunciating it correctly is essential for a tarot reader to accurately interpret the cards.
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How do you pronounce each word in Tarot?

Tarot: tuh-RAW, tuh-ROH

NOTE: Different dialects may slightly modify the pronunciation.

What are the meanings of each card in the Tarot?

Each card in the Tarot has its own unique meanings, which can vary depending on the context of the reading. For example, the Ace of Pentacles often symbolizes prosperity and material wealth, while The Hierophant can be interpreted as representing traditional values, conformity, and education. The meanings of Tarot cards can also be interpreted differently by different readers, so it is important to ask your Tarot reader for clarification if you are unsure of what a card is meant to represent.

What is the difference between Tarot cards and Oracle cards?

Tarot cards are a specific type of card and they consist of 78 cards divided into two separate categories – the Major and Minor Arcana. Tarot often uses images with symbolic and spiritual meaning to answer life questions and provide wisdom. Oracle cards, on the other hand, are a more general type of card and usually have a larger variety of images and meanings. They are usually used for more specific scenarios and usually provide guidance and support from a spiritual perspective. Oracle cards can be used alongside Tarot, or as a standalone method of divination.

What tarot and oracle deck is the best for beginners?

This is a difficult question to answer, as everyone’s needs and preferences are different. Some popular decks for beginners include the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck, and the Oracle of the Shining Light Tarot Deck. Ultimately, the best deck to start with is the one that speaks to you. The most important thing is to take the time to connect with each card and explore the artwork and symbolism on your own.