How He Feels Tarot Spread: A Detailed Look into Emotions


The How He Feels Tarot Spread is a popular tarot card reading that many people turn to for insight into various emotional states. It is commonly used to guide insight and personal exploration into the emotional state of a person, either for oneself or for another. This spread uses three cards to represent a perspective of how the subject feels inside; how they are expressing their feelings on the outside; and an overall insight into the emotional state they are in. In this article, we will take a detailed look into this emotional awareness spread and what its results can reveal.

The Card Meanings

The How He Feels Tarot Spread draws on three cards, each representing a layer of understanding as they relate to the querent. The three cards are:

  • The Inside Track: This card signifies how the subject may feel or perceive right now – deep down inside.
  • The External Show: This card indicates the subject’s response when asked about their feelings or the emotions they are expressing.
  • General Insight: This card reveals a greater insight into the emotional state of the subject at this moment in time.

The results of this specific spread help reveal a more complete understanding of the individual’s metaphorical landscape. Ultimately, this reading can be conducted for any person, including the querent, to gain a better understanding of their emotional posture in the present.

The Layout of the Spread

The How He Feels Tarot Spread, or any tarot card spread, is greatly influenced by the layout. This includes the order and position of the cards in the spread, as well as their meanings.

For this spread specifically, the cards should be placed in an inverted triangle shape, with the cards in the three spots being: inside track, external show, and general insight. This allows for a traditional, concise approach to understanding what the cards reveal and helps guide the reading as a whole.

Drawing the Cards

The next step in the process is to draw three cards to understand and collect the evidence. This is best done with a shuffled and cleansed tarot deck. Shuffling and cleaning the deck helps to clear the energy of past readings and a more accurate reading of the emotions can be conducted.

The tarot cards should be drawn from the top of the deck and arranged in the spread from left to right, according to the triangle layout as outlined above. It is important to note that the cards are pulled to reflect the present moment and should not be based on any pre-assumed outcomes.

Interpreting the Cards

Now that the How He Feels Tarot Spread is laid out and the cards have been drawn, the next step is to interpret the cards meaning. This can be done by looking at the individual symbology of the card and what its meaning is in relation to the question or individual in question.

In addition to the individual cards, it is important to look at the entire spread as a whole. The spread can be interpreted as a narrative of sorts, looking at the placement and progressive meaning of the cards and how they affect the overall reading. This will help provide a better understanding of the overall emotional state of the individual and can provide insight into more complex emotions.

It is also important to note the key arcana cards in the spread. These cards carry powerful archetypal imagery and can provide further understanding of the emotional landscape of the subject. These cards may be viewed as reflectors of the emotional temperament of the individual and should be considered as part of the overall interpretation.

The How He Feels Tarot Spread in Action

Once a deck has been shuffled and cleansed, the cards have been drawn, and the meaning of the cards have been observed, the reading is finished. The results of this spread can provide insight into emotions that may be bubbling up beneath the surface of the individual.

While it is important to consider the entire spread as a whole, this tarot card spread is particularly helpful for learning about a person’s emotional outlook in the present. It can help the querent to gain insight into their own feelings or another person’s feelings. Overall, the How He Feels Tarot Spread can be a powerful tool for understanding a person’s emotional state and is an effective approach for uncovering hidden emotions.
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What is the purpose of a How He Feels tarot spread?

The How He Feels tarot spread is a three-card reading intended to offer insight into another person’s emotional state. It can be used to gain insight and clarity on romantic relationships, friendships, and other relationships. The spread helps to uncover the person’s true feelings and motives, provide an understanding of why they are feeling the way they are, and suggest how to improve the situation. The How He Feels tarot spread can be extremely insightful and provide a powerful tool for understanding a person on a deeper level.

What kind of questions can be asked in a How He Feels tarot spread?

1. How does he/she feel about me?

2. What is hindering him/her from expressing his/her feelings?

3. What changes is he/she looking for in the relationship?

4. How can I best support him/her emotionally?

5. What can I do to bring more closeness between us?

6. What is he/she afraid of in this relationship?

7. How does he/she view the future of this relationship?

8. What is he/she trying to tell me that I am not understanding?

9. What can I do to improve communication between us?

10. What does he/she need from me to be happy?