How Does My Crush Feel About Me? Tarot Reading for Clarity

How Can You Tell if Your Crush Likes You?

We all want to know if our crush likes us as much as we like them. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as simply asking them. Fortunately, an ancient wisdom tool like tarot can help. Here’s more about how tarot can provide insight into how your crush truly feels about you.

What is Tarot?

Tarot is a tool for divining the past, present and future. By shuffling and laying out cards from one of the traditional tarot decks, a reader can use their intuition to interpret their meanings. The images and stories on the cards tell a narrative that reveals surprisingly accurate insights into your feelings and thoughts, as well as clues as to how others may feel about you.

Tarot and Love Readings

When it comes to romantic connections, tarot can be used both to explore your own feelings as well as to try and gain insights about your crush and their feelings for you.

Looking for more specific information about your crush’s feelings for you? Start by laying out a simple tarot spread, such as the Three Card Triangle spread. This easy-to-use spread can uncover deep insights about yourself, your crush and the relationship between the two of you.

Interpreting the Cards

Once the cards have been laid out, look at each one individually. Consider the imagery on each card, their placements relative to each other and the overall feeling of the spread. Then, give each card your own interpretation. There are lots of written interpretations out there, but it’s important to also impart your own unique understanding to the cards.

Getting Clarity on Your Crush’s Feelings

Once your reading is complete, you’ll have a much better understanding of how your crush really feels about you, as well as insights into the underlying dynamics of your relationship. Here’s a few signs that your crush is into you, based on your tarot reading:

  • The cards show that the two of you have a strong connection. This could be a sign that your crush is truly into you.
  • Cards like The Star, The Lovers and The Sun indicate that your crush is feeling joy and happiness around you. These cards suggest that your crush could be feeling something special.
  • The Two of Cups could appear in your reading. This card is often taken as a sign of a romantic attraction, and could mean that your crush is falling for you.

Although the results of a tarot reading can never be one-hundred percent accurate, they can provide you with clarity and insight into the feelings of your crush. So, if you’re wondering how your crush feels about you, tarot is an insightful tool to help you gain clarity on the situation.
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What cards do the tarot reading suggest to understand my crush’s feelings?

Unfortunately, tarot readings are not meant to be used to explore the emotions of others. If you would like to try to understand someone else’s feelings, your best option is to talk to them directly and be an active listener.

How can a tarot reading provide clarity on my crush’s feelings towards me?

Tarot readings can provide insight into your crush’s feelings towards you, as well as provide advice and guidance on how to proceed. A reading can help to give clarity and insight into the motivations and intentions your crush may have, and can help to provide reassurance or warning about the potential nature of the relationship. Ultimately, however, it would be up to you to take action on the advice provided in the reading.

How will I be able to interpret the tarot reading results to determine my crush’s feelings for me?

The tarot reading results should be taken with a grain of salt, as it is not possible to definitively know someone’s feelings from such readings. However, the cards may offer insight into the general nature of your relationship with your crush and can help you look at the situation from a different perspective. Consider interpretive qualities of the cards and how they could be interpreted with your specific situation in mind. Think about the nature of the cards and the context of your relationship. From the results, you may be able to interpret whether your crush has strong feelings for you or not.

What are potential follow up readings I could do to get a better understanding of my crush’s feelings towards me?

There are a few potential follow-up readings you could do to get a better understanding of your crush’s feelings towards you. Depending on what type of reading you’re interested in, some ideas might include tarot readings, which can provide insight into the dynamic between you and your crush; dream interpretations, which can shed light on what your subconscious thoughts are telling you about their feelings; and astrological readings, which can provide a deeper understanding of the potential love connection between you and your crush.

What tarot cards should I look at to decipher how my crush feels about me?

There is no single tarot card that can decipher how your crush feels about you. However, some cards may provide insight into what the future may hold and how you interact with each other. Possible cards to look at include the Two of Cups, The Lovers, the Ten of Cups, The Empress, The Star and The Sun. Each card can offer a different insight into the connection between you and your crush. By carefully interpreting how the cards are laid out and what each card means, you may be able to garner some insight into the potential state of your relationship.

What tarot cards can I use to find out if my crush likes me back?

The tarot cards are not intended to be used to predict the future. Instead, they can be used as a tool to help you gain insight into your personal questions. If you want to explore the potential of your relationship with your crush, you can focus on cards that represent relationship dynamics and use those for your readings. Some cards that might come in handy are The Lovers, The Two of Cups, The Ace of Cups, The Empress and The Hierophant. By interpreting the cards through your own personal context and considering the messages they may have for you, you may get a clearer picture of the relationship dynamics between you and your crush .

What kind of tarot cards should I use for a love reading?

The most common tarot cards used for love readings are the traditional Rider Waite tarot deck, but you can also use a more love-themed tarot deck such as the Lover’s Path tarot deck. Common cards to look out for include The Lovers, The Star, The Emperor, The Empress, The Hierophant, The Ace of Cups, The Two of Cups and The Ten of Cups. Each of these cards represent different aspects of love, such as intimacy, loyalty, commitment and finding one’s true path. By looking into these cards, you may gain a better understanding of the potential love connection between you and your crush.