Harmony and Balance: Discovering the Essence of Tarot Temperance

What is Tarot Temperance?

Tarot Temperance is a card in the tarot deck that symbolizes the blending of opposites in order to create harmony and balance. It is characterized by a harmonious merging of the two spiritual principles of active and passive, masculine and feminine, and light and dark. As a result, Tarot Temperance reflects a state of equilibrium that allows for spiritual and personal growth.

The Meaning Behind the Symbolism

The card features an angel standing at the edge of a lake, pouring water from one cup into another. The angel represents balance and harmony, while the two goblets represent the two opposing forces of active and passive. The landscape around them reflects the natural power of the energy combining with nature, suggesting that the angel is in a harmonious relationship with the environment. Additionally, the background scenery includes two pillars, suggesting that balance and harmony can be reached by having the correct balance between opposing forces.

Interpreting the Card

The most important thing to remember when interpreting the Tarot Temperance card is that it represents balance and harmony. This could suggest that the person who drew the card should focus on bringing balance into their own lives by blending and combining seemingly opposing concepts and forces. Additionally, it could mean that the person should strive to maintain a sense of equilibrium in both their inner and outer lives to enable further spiritual growth and development.


Tarot Temperance is an incredibly powerful symbol that represents the blending of opposites in order to create balance and harmony in the person’s life. It suggests that we should strive for balance and equilibrium in our lives to enable further spiritual growth and development. By understanding and interpreting the card correctly, we are given a powerful guide for further personal growth.
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What is the meaning of Tarot Temperance card?

The Tarot Temperance card is associated with balance, moderation, and harmony. It symbolizes finding a middle ground between two extremes and emphasizing the importance of both patience and compromise. This card may also be interpreted as representing a need for greater control over one’s mental, physical, and spiritual states. Temperance is a reminder that all things in life should be kept in moderation in order to ensure balance and harmony.

What is the symbolism of the Tarot Temperance card?

The Tarot Temperance card symbolizes balance, moderation, patience, and harmony. It is a card of blending, blending of opposite forces, blending of emotions, and balancing out the various aspects of one’s life. The image often consists of an angel-like figure surrounded by clouds, often standing between two pools of water, pouring one into the other to achieve perfect harmony. It can be seen to imply the idea that through patience, understanding and balance, harmony can be achieved.

What does the angel depicted on the Tarot Temperance card represent?

The angel depicted on the Tarot Temperance card is usually seen as a messenger of divine will, a reminder that patience and balance are needed in life. They often represent moderation and introspection in order to find balance and True understanding. The angel is also usually interpreted as a messenger who brings the divine order of the universe, teaching patience and temperance in all things.