Goddess Tarot: Unveiling the Feminine Wisdom Within


Goddess Tarot is a mystical tool used to delve deeper into the feminine energy and wisdom which lies within us all. This deck of tarot cards provides an unusual twist on the classic tarot format by focusing on female deities from across the world. Through exploring the archetypes of the Goddesses, the deck offers an insight into the different aspects of ourselves and sheds light on our deepest emotions.

Symbols and Meanings

The Goddess Tarot deck consists of 78 cards, joined into the traditional organisation of a tarot deck – the Major and Minor Arcana. Each of the Major Arcana cards is inspired by classic imagery from different female gods, drawn from the world’s mythologies.

The Minor Arcana cards, however, become a bit more detailed. Here, each suit relates to a particular goddess – things like Wands to Hecate, Cups to Freyja, Swords to Athena, and Disks to Persephone. While the individual illustrations vary, the context related to the goddess is consistent throughout to enhance understanding.

Reading the Cards

It is important to note that each card in the deck carries its own unique meaning and is related to the theme of the goddess it is based on. By reading the cards together, the querent is able to tap into the ancient wisdom of both the Major and Minor Arcana. In this way, Goddess Tarot can offer a new perspective on life’s challenges and help to see them from a different angle.

When drawn alone, the Major Arcana cards usually represent a particular stage of life, while the Minor Arcana cards often offer advice or represent a particular current course of action. Each card brings with it its own story, providing the user with a unique way to understand different parts of their life.

Discovering the Power Within

Goddess Tarot is not just about casts and predictions; it is about discovering the power within our own inner divinity. By exploring the cards and reflecting on the imagery, we can totally draw out the wisdom of the divine feminine within us to help direct our lives in the right direction.

The cards can also help us to uncover our own innate gifts, creative potential and personal mental strength. Through understanding the symbols on a deeper level, and being able to tap into our internal power, the Goddess Tarot can be used to get back in tune with our inner self and gain insight into our own unique spiritual path.


Goddess Tarot is a powerful tool for unlocking the inner wisdom of the divine feminine energy. By using this unique deck, we are able to connect with different facets of ourselves to further uncover our own inner power and potential. This ancient tool can be used to get back in tune with our emotions and gracefully navigate life’s trials and tribulations.

What are the meanings of the cards in Goddess Tarot?

The individual meanings of the cards in the Goddess Tarot depend on the card’s imagery and its associations with goddesses, symbols, and archetypes. Generally, the cards depict feminine forces in the Universe, as well as their energies and influence on people’s lives. Images and concepts usually express the power of intuition and self-expression, as well as providing guidance and insights into issues around relationships, creativity, and personal growth.

What archetype does each card in the Goddess Tarot deck represent?

The Goddess Tarot deck is made up of 56 Major Arcana cards and 22 Minor Arcana cards. Here is a breakdown of the archetype each card in the Goddess Tarot deck represents:

Major Arcana Cards:

0 The Fool – Beginner’s Luck/Beginnings

1 The Magician – The Will to Change/Manifestation

2 The High Priestess – Intuition/Inner Knowing

3 The Empress – Nurturing/Creation

4 The Emperor – Authority/Order

5 The Hierophant – Ritual/Convention

6 The Lovers – Choices/Dualities

7 The Chariot – Direction/Adventuring

8 Strength – Mastery/Determination

9 The Hermit – Wisdom/Solitude

10 Wheel of Fortune – Fortune/Chance

11 Justice – Balance/Fairness

12 The Hanged Man – Surrender/Reflection

13 Death – Transformation/Endings

14 Temperance – Balance/Patience

15 The Devil – Temptation/Attachment

16 The Tower – Destruction/Uprising

17 The Star – Hope/Inspiration

18 The Moon – Mystery/Illusion

19 The Sun – Optimism/Growth

20 Judgment – Clarity/Contemplation

21 The World – Fulfillment/Wholeness

Minor Arcana Cards:

Wands Suit – Passion/Purpose

Cups Suit – Emotion/Connection

Swords Suit – Intellect/Decision Making

Pentacles Suit – Material/Prosperity

What is the meaning of each card in the Goddess Tarot deck?

The meaning of the cards in the Goddess Tarot deck varies depending on the card. Generally, they convey messages about cycles of change, shifts in perspective, and themes related to motherhood, power, and intuition.