goddess energy tarot

Understanding the Concept of Goddess Energy Tarot

Goddess Energy Tarot is a form of divination which is associated with spiritual meanings and symbols from a variety of mythology. It is based on the concept that by connecting to a higher and divine energy, we can access our inner wisdom and uncover hidden truths. The tarot has been used for centuries to aid people in understanding and deciphering their own spiritual and emotional journeys.

Goddesses are female personifications of divine energy in many cultures and mythologies. Connecting to the goddess’s energy can help us to access our own wisdom and intuition, as well as help us make decisions from a more enlightened perspective. This form of divination focuses on the power of the divine feminine and its ability to open us up to our inner strength and knowledge.

How Goddess Energy Tarot Works

Goddess Energy Tarot readings are done with a specific deck of cards that is designed to provide spiritual guidance and identify areas of personal growth. During a reading, the querent (individual seeking guidance) will pick up a card, while making an offering or prayer which honors the goddess within them.

The card in their hand will contain imagery that resonates with their specific inner wisdom and is associated with a particular part of their life. After one card is chosen, the reader will typically interpret the birth card and then interpret other cards drawn in that same reading.

In addition to the images, there are often specific archetypes associated with each card and also various verses which hold symbolic meaning for each one. Generally, the cards are read from left to right, although some readers may use alternate interpretations.

The Meaning of the Symbols

Each card in a Goddess Energy Tarot deck holds a variety of symbols which represent the particular message being displayed. Common symbols used in Goddess Energy Tarot include goddesses, goddess divine feminine energy, trees, dragons, candles, Earth and moon, and the four elements of air, water, fire, and spirit. Depending on the card, the symbols may represent a variety of different things, such as life, death, transformation, and even power.

These symbols have the potential to offer deep insight into the individual’s current life situation and can often give guidance on how to best proceed. Additionally, each card can provide inspiration and support when facing challenging decisions or transitions in life.

Using the Messages

A Goddess Energy Tarot reading should be used to help the querent gain insight and clarity while encouraging them to make their own decisions. After the cards have been drawn, the reader should provide the querent with interpretation and advice based on their individual situation.

Some individuals may choose to use the messages as a source of guidance and to help them make decisions, while others may use the reading to gain insight and personal understanding regarding a situation. Ultimately, the reader will be the one to decide how the messages can be used to bring insight into their life.

Connecting to the Goddess Within

Goddess Energy Tarot is intended to help the querent access their own inner divine feminine wisdom and open themselves up to new insights and understanding. By connecting to the goddess within, the querent can let go of any mental blocks and access their own personal truths.

Through these readings, they can gain insight into their current life situations, achieve greater clarity, and identify areas where personal growth can occur. By honoring the goddess within us, the individual will be better equipped to make decisions and take action from an empowered and intuitive space.
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What is the difference between goddess energy tarot and traditional tarot?

Goddess energy tarot draws on the archetype of the Divine Feminine in order to provide insight and guidance. It focuses less on divination and more on spiritual connection and guidance, often using words of affirmation and healing. Traditional tarot, on the other hand, focuses on the study of divination, attempting to predict the future and provide a glimpse into the potential outcomes of decisions. Both can be used to provide insight and guidance, although their approaches are quite different.

What are the benefits of goddess energy tarot compared to traditional tarot?

1. Goddess energy tarot focuses more on the feminine aspect of tarot, which promotes a more open-minded and supportive approach to tarot readings.

2. Goddess energy tarot uses archetypes to represent the querent’s current state of being rather than traditional tarot cards. This allows the querent to tap into their subconscious and receive more in-depth readings.

3. Goddess energy tarot often incorporates spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, and other forms of healing, which can help the querent make profound spiritual shifts and gain more clarity in their life.

4. Goddess energy tarot is a more creative and expressive form of tarot. It can connect the querent with their intuition and help them to gain more insight into their lives.

5. Goddess energy tarot encourages positive thinking and a hopeful outlook on life, which can help the querent manifest their goals and dreams.