Finding Closure: A Tarot Reading for Regrets and Moving On

Finding Closure: A Tarot Reading for Regrets and Moving On


At some point in life, we all have certain moments that hang onto us and cause us grief, regret and sadness. They can be recalled as painful memories, and it can make it difficult for us to move forward. For many of us, these memories remain and linger, and often we don’t know how to move past them. Finding closure can be one of the most difficult tasks we have to do.

The tarot is a powerful tool that can aid in finding closure, as it can help clear the pathway to healing old wounds and finding the right emotions to help us make peace. Tarot reading can be interpreted as a form of inner knowing and an exploration of unconscious thoughts. This interpretation can enable us to find closure and move on with our lives.

Opening Yourself Up to Recovery

The first step in finding closure is to be willing to open up to the possibility of healing and reconciliation. This may seem like a daunting prospect, and it can be hard to make the decision to move forward from our regrets. To help make this process easier, consider getting a Tarot reading that can offer insight and guidance on how to best approach the challenge. When properly done, Tarot readings can provide powerful and honest advice on how to move forward.

When getting a Tarot reading, it’s important to be honest with yourself and with the reader. Be sure to ask questions that help to reveal your innermost thoughts, feelings and emotions. This can help to access the areas of the mind that are holding onto the regret, and can provide clarity around the thoughts that are holding you back. Write down the questions and answers that come up in the reading, so you can be sure to revisit them later and keep a record of the insights that come up.

Focus on What’s Needed for Closure

It’s important to remember that closure isn’t necessarily about finding all the answers or having someone accept a certain amount of guilt. Instead, it’s about understanding what’s been done in the past, and letting go of any negative feelings that can crop up.

The tarot can be used to help gain a better understanding of the situation, and to determine what is needed for closure. This can help to uncover any patterns or patterns of behavior that are preventing the needed closure from being achieved. Different tarot cards can be used to illustrate the different aspects of our experience, such as loneliness, anger, or fear. It can be helpful to draw multiple cards and let them lead you in the process of self-discovery and closure.

Releasing Unhelpful Feelings

Finding closure requires us to move past our negative feelings. Tarot readings can help us identify the feelings that no longer serve us and need to be released before finding resolution. This can be difficult to do on our own, and a Tarot reader can help to see the patterns and provide strategic actionable advice on ways to let them go.

When using the tarot for closure, focus on what is truly helpful. Deep breaths, meditation and self-reflection can all help bring us back to the present and out of the mirror of the past. Ask yourself the questions that will help you uncover the answers you need. What did I learn from this experience? What can I do to start healing? And how am I ready to move on?

Drawing a New Path

In addition to helping us release unhelpful feelings, Tarot readings can also help to draw a new path forward. This might involve creating a vision or plan of action or coming up with strategies to handle difficult emotions. This can be a difficult step, but it’s important to have something tangible to concentrate on and put forth effort into.

Tarot readings can be a useful tool in helping to create this vision. When selecting Tarot cards, look for cards that represent positive emotions and experiences as a reminder that life can be joyful and abundant. Use the Tarot as a tool to create positive visualizations, and to help reshape the way you think about your life and your situation.

Engage in the Healing Process

Finding closure is a process, and it’s important to engage in the healing process fully. Tarot readings can provide powerful insights and guidance on how to make peace and move forward. They can help to excavate deep emotions and create a plan of action that can help to bring closure.

Follow up with Tarot readings as necessary. If something does not seem to be progressing, having a Tarot reading done can provide a new perspective. Also, remember to take plenty of breaks and take time for self-care. Make sure to follow the advice of the Tarot reader, and be patient with yourself as you transition into your new life.

Finding closure can be difficult, but it is possible. Tarot readings can be a powerful tool to guide you on your journey towards closure, and can be essential in helping to bring the healing process to a resolution.