Exploring Your Love Life: The ‘What Does He Think of Me’ Tarot Spread for Free

Finding Answers with a Tarot Spread

Are you looking for answers about your love life? Do you want to better understand which direction it’s headed? If so, tarot readings can be a great way to get another perspective on what’s going on in your life.

When it comes to subjects like love and relationships, tarot readings allow us to gain insight into how both parties in the relationship are feeling and where it’s likely headed in the future. In this article, we’re going to be looking at a tarot spread specifically designed to help you gain a better understanding of what your special someone may be feeling or thinking about you.

Introducing the ‘What Does He Think of Me’ Tarot Spread

The ‘What Does He Think of Me’ tarot spread is a great way to get answers to the questions you’ve been asking yourself about your love life. When you use this spread, you’ll be able to gain insight into your special someone’s thoughts and feelings about you from a third-party perspective.

This spread is perfect for couples who have been together for a while and may be feeling like the relationship is going in a different direction than what they originally had hoped. It can also be used as a pre-relationship diagnostic tool to get an idea of where the two of you could be headed if no relationship-damaging issues arise.

How to Use the ‘What Does He Think of Me’ Tarot Spread

Using the ‘What Does He Think of Me’ tarot spread is simple and can be done from the comfort of your own home. Here’s what you need:

  • Your favorite tarot cards
  • A quiet, peaceful space that won’t be interrupted
  • A clear intent of the question or topic you wish to explore
  • An open mind and heart

Once you’ve gathered all of your materials, it’s time to begin! Here’s the step-by-step process:

  • Shuffle and Cut the Deck: Start by shuffling and cutting the deck with your right hand.
  • Lay Out the Cards: Lay out the cards in the spread below.
  • Analyze the Reading: Now it’s time to read the cards and discover what they have to say about the person you’re asking about.

The ‘What Does He Think of Me’ Tarot Spread

  • Card 1: The person you’re asking about: what motivates them in life and in this relationship?
  • Card 2: The person you’re asking about: what are their feelings towards you?
  • Card 3: Your feelings towards the person: how do you really feel about them?
  • Card 4: What lessons can be learned or retained?
  • Card 5: What can be taken away or resolved?


The ‘What Does He Think of Me’ tarot spread can be a great way to gain insight into your relationship’s current state and what could be in store for it in the future. This spread can be used for a variety of relationships, from the casual dating stage to marriage. Use it wisely and take into account all of the factors when seeking clarity and direction on your love life.
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How accurately can the tarot spread assess someone’s thoughts?

Tarot spreads are incapable of accurately assessing someone’s thoughts, as they rely entirely on one’s own interpretations of the cards, as well as their experience and expertise with the tarot. Therefore the accuracy of the spread results depend completely on the individual.

What type of information can the tarot spread provide?

The tarot spread can provide insight into a person’s emotional and spiritual state and potential outcomes based on their current situation. It can also offer guidance in decision-making and provide an understanding of relationships, conflicts, and motivations.

How can one interpret the tarot spread results?

Tarot readings interpret the cards in a spread based on the mythic, archetypal, and symbolic associations of the cards, their placement in the spread, and the question asked by the querent. A tarot reader will interpret the cards to provide insight into the querent’s current situation and offer guidance to help them make positive changes in their life. The interpretations of each card depend on the reader’s understanding of the card’s meanings, their ability to understand the nuances of the reading, and to effectively interpret the spread based on the context of the querent’s question.

What additional guidance can I get from the tarot spread results?

Each Tarot spread creates its own context and related messages which should be interpreted to gain further insight. For example, the Three Card Spread often contains symbols of the past, present, and future, which can offer additional guidance about upcoming challenges or opportunities. Other spreads, such as the Celtic Cross, can provide more detailed insight about a certain situation. It is important to consider the energy of each card in the spread and the overall arrangement in order to gain the most clarity from a Tarot reading.

What kind of tarot cards are used for the ‘What Does He Think of Me’ Tarot Spread?

For the ‘What Does He Think of Me’ tarot spread, any tarot deck can be used. However, it is recommended to use a deck specifically used for relationship readings, such as the Love/Relationship Tarot or the Celtic Cross Tarot. Alternatively, the popular Rider-Waite deck is suitable for this spread.

What kind of questions can the ‘What Does He Think of Me’ Tarot Spread answer?

The ‘What Does He Think of Me’ Tarot Spread is designed to help you gain clarity and understanding of a particular relationship. Through this spread, you can gain answers to questions as varied as:

-What does he really think of me?

-What is his true nature in regards to our relationship?

-Does he have feelings for me?

-What do I need to know to approach this relationship more successfully and happily?

-What feelings does he have beneath the surface?

-What is there to learn from this relationship?

-What qualities do I need to bring to the table in order to make our relationship thrive?

-What is the purpose or spiritual lesson of this relationship?

Answer these questions and many more through the ‘What Does He Think of Me’ Tarot Spread.

What kind of questions can I ask with the ‘What Does He Think of Me’ Tarot Spread?

1. What does he think of my personality?

2. What does he think of our relationship?

3. What does he think of my physical appearance?

4. Does he think of me in a romantic way?

5. Is he willing to explore a deeper level of connection with me?

6. Does he have any hidden feelings for me?

7. What are his hopes for our future together?

8. What do I need to know about how he views me?

9. What can I do to improve our relationship?

10. What are his true thoughts and feelings about me?