Exploring Your Future: The ‘When Will I Get Pregnant’ Tarot Spread

What Is a ‘When Will I Get Pregnant’ Tarot Spread?

A ‘When Will I Get Pregnant’ Tarot spread is a tool to help you explore your future and understand what might be influencing your current state of conception. By believing that time is non-linear, you can gain insights from the tarot cards on when and how you are likely to become pregnant.

What Is a Tarot Card?

A tarot card is a 78-card deck that is divided into two parts, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. Each card contains symbols and images that reflect the deeper meaning behind the card’s message. By consulting the tarot, you can get insight into the influences surrounding your life path and gain clarity on the decisions you may be considering to make.

How Do I Perform This Spread?

To perform the ‘When Will I Get Pregnant’ tarot spread, you will need a tarot deck accompanied by a few simple questions. Begin by shuffling the cards and ask your inner-self what insight the cards may have for you.

Once you have addressed the cards, you can lay out the spread. This spread will consist of five cards, with each card helping to reveal a layer of information about the influences surrounding you and your conception.

How Can I Interpret the Spread?

Once your spread is created, you can now interpret its meanings. The five cards will read from left to right in order, each revealing a different layer of information. Here is a basic breakdown of the card’s meanings:

  • Card One: Your Self – This card will shed light on how you are approaching the situation.
  • Card Two: Your Emotions – This card will reveal how your feelings are influencing the situation.
  • Card Three: Your Body – This card will show the physical aspects of the situation.
  • Card Four: Your Environment – This card will show the external influences that affect the situation.
  • Card Five: Your Future – Finally, this card will give an indication of when you are likely to become pregnant and how to best approach the situation.


A ‘When Will I Get Pregnant’ Tarot spread is a powerful tool that can give insight into the influences surrounding conception and your future. By engaging with the messages of the cards and engaging with each layer of the spread, you can gain deeper understanding of the situation and determine how to best approach it.
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How can I ensure I am interpreting the tarot spread correctly?

The best way to ensure that you are interpreting a tarot spread correctly is to become familiar with the meanings of each card and familiarize yourself with the cards and their traditional relationships to one another. To really understand the tarot, it’s best to read as much as you can about the tarot as well as practice and reflect on your interpretations. Additionally, keeping a tarot journal of your readings may help you to better interpret the tarot spread, both traditional and creative.

What are the most important considerations when using a tarot spread for predicting pregnancy?

The most important considerations when using a tarot spread for predicting pregnancy are:

1. Have an open mind. Be prepared to accept whatever answer you receive, even if it doesn’t fit your expectations.

2. Focus on a specific question related to pregnancy, rather than an open-ended one.

3. Consider both positive and negative possibilities.

4. Pay attention to the cards and the order they appear in, as they may give clues to the outcome.

5. Observe your own feelings and responses to the cards to gain deeper insight into their meanings.

6. Interpret the cards carefully by looking for patterns or symbols in the cards.

7. Be sure to tailor the reading according to the querent’s unique circumstances and goals.

8. When finished, thank the cards for their insight.

How can I ensure I am asking the right questions when using the tarot spread?

When posing any questions to the tarot cards, it is important to frame them in terms of a search for guidance, rather than answers. Ask yourself such questions as, “What insights can this tarot spread provide to help me make the best decisions for my current situation?” or “What advice or guidance can I gain by accessing the tarot cards?” These kinds of questions will ensure that you are focusing on seeking guidance and looking for long-term solutions, rather than an immediate answer. It is also important to take time and be specific when phrasing your questions. So rather than simply asking, “What will happen next?” try to be more specific, such as “What can I do to make the most positive outcome for my current situation?” Remember to also be open and clear headed when asking your questions so that the tarot cards can provide true guidance and clarity.

Are there certain cards that indicate a higher likelihood of becoming pregnant?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that certain tarot cards are more likely to indicate pregnancy than other cards. However, some card readers may make subjective interpretations based on the specific cards being drawn, such as if multiple fertility-related cards are drawn or other cards that could be interpreted as a sign of a potential pregnancy. Ultimately, any tarot card predictions related to pregnancy should be taken with a grain of salt.

What age is best to do the ‘When Will I Get Pregnant’ Tarot Spread?

There is no recommended age for performing this tarot spread. Ultimately it is up to the individual who wishes to complete the spread to decide if it is appropriate or not at their current stage in life.

What tarot cards can be used in the ‘When Will I Get Pregnant’ Tarot Spread?

1. The Empress: This card symbolizes fertility, nurturing and motherhood.

2. The Lovers: This card suggests union — whether it be between partners or the union of opposing forces.

3. Wheel of Fortune: This card symbolizes fortune, luck and the arrival of unexpected events.

4. Nine of Cups: This card symbolizes a wish fulfilled, indicating positive outcomes and optimism.

5. The World: This card implies a successful ending, indicating a completion of a cycle.

6. Nine of Pentacles: This card symbolizes financial stability and security, and a source of income.

7. Three of Pentacles: This card suggests creativity, initiative and the realization of goals.

What positions and meanings do tarot cards have in the ‘When Will I Get Pregnant’ Tarot Spread?

The When Will I Get Pregnant Tarot Spread is an 8-card spread and the positions and meanings are as follows:

1. The Expectant: This card indicates the initial attitude or anticipation surrounding conception or the current feeling or desire to become pregnant.

2. The Obstacle: This card indicates what is standing in the way of becoming pregnant, any unresolved issues that need to be addressed in order to create a fertile environment for conception.

3. Approaching Support: This card reflects the internal and external support and resources available to nurture this desire.

4. The Path: This card reflects the present path and approach to achieving the goal of becoming pregnant.

5. Life Growing/The Source: This card reflects the potential inside each of us to bring forth new life.

6. Advice: This card indicates the advice that needs to be taken in order to move forward successfully towards the goal of becoming pregnant.

7. The Environment: This card reflects the environment in which the pregnancy will occur, either physical or emotional.

8. The Future: This card indicates the outcome and culmination of the spread and offers advice on how to nurture and enhance this potential.