Exploring the Accuracy of Tarot Readings: Insights from Reddit Users

Exploring the Accuracy of Tarot Readings: Insights from Reddit Users


Tarot readings have been around for a long time, with practitioners and enthusiasts claiming to be able to answer life’s questions and bring insight into the future. But how accurate are they, really? Do tarot readings have any scientific validity? To explore the accuracy of tarot readings, this article draws on Reddit users’ experiences with tarot readings and their evaluations of their accuracy.

Redditor Experiences with Tarot Readings

Many Redditors have posted in r/tarot to ask for advice on the process of getting a tarot reading and in r/askreddit to gauge others’ experiences with tarot readings. For many Redditors, tarot readings provide guidance and insight into their lives. One Redditor, joelledunphy, remarked that their tarot reading “felt like it mystically understood my situation … it felt like seeing clearly into the shadows.” Others, however, are more skeptical. Redditor technoshine shared: “I went to one a few years ago. It was a lot of vagueness and pressure to believe it. I left feeling more confused. Now I’m more of a believer in tangible evidence, like self-reflection and study.” Still others are content to stay away from tarot readings altogether, with GabrielleKenzie quipping that “luckily I’ve been able to avoid this so far.”

Redditors’ Evaluations of Tarot Reading Accuracy

In addition to soliciting advice from other Redditors, r/tarot provides a space for Redditors to reflect on their own experiences with tarot readings and psychics. Some Redditors feel that tarot readings provide clear results and provide valuable guidance. One Redditor, Datunicorn, claimed “Tarot cards are very accurate and can give a precise depiction of the past and present.” They feel that the readings contain a “fun, spiritual exploration” and can be useful for “generating creative solutions to problems.” Other Redditors, like commiefempire, take a bit more of an agnostic view when it comes to tarot readings, asserting “I think tarot readings are only accurate if you make yourself believe they are.”

The Case for Tarot Reading Accuracy

Despite some degree of skepticism among Redditors, a few trends suggest the possibility of tarot readings being accurate. For one thing, many Redditors report that tarot readings are particularly accurate after some time and effort has gone into the process. franjee3l praised tarot readings for their “depth of insight” when “taking time to understand the card/s and their message.” Another Redditor, Wanda275, claimed “the more time I took to reflect on the cards, the more accurate their readings were.” They suggest that the act of “saving the cards until required” and “sitting with them” has the potential to yield accurate insights.

Another case for tarot reading accuracy concerns the notion of synchronicity – the idea that certain events are experienced in a meaningful context. Many Redditors suggest that when a card is “drawn” during a reading, the reader recognizes a deeper meaning in the symbols and how they apply to their own life. To depict this notion of synchronicity, Redditor DerpDerpington shared a personal story:

“I was doing a tarot reading for a friend and suddenly the card I pulled out was the Tower. I had mentioned a tower before the reading and we laughed about it. When the Tower came up in the reading, we were floored. It wasn’t the first time it happened either.”

It appears from this story that the event of selecting the Tower card was more than a mere coincidence and suggests that tarot readings can be very accurate in capturing underlying realities and dynamics.

Does Context Matter?

Another question that Redditors often debate is the degree to which context matters when it comes to tarot readings. Some Redditors argue that the context of the reading can significantly impact the reading’s accuracy. dogwitdan asserted “I think it depends on who’s doing the reading. If it’s someone you know and trust who’s experienced with tarot, you can get very accurate results.” On the other hand, some Redditors argue that context matters very little, with peatsoup1981 asserting “it’s more about understanding the cards and how they apply to the situation.”

Are Tarot Readings Completely Accurate?

Finally, whether tarot readings are “completely accurate” remains an important yet elusive question. Some Redditors argue that tarot readings can indeed be reliable and helpful, with relly_maire emphasizing that “sometimes it may not be an exact prediction, but they are often quite accurate in understanding the situation and providing advice.” However, others suggest that the accuracy of tarot readings depends on the experiences and beliefs of the reader. Redditor Heyyitsness referred to tarot readings as “a valuable tool for self-reflection,” which may explain why some Redditors find them to be so accurate.


In sum, Redditors have conflicting opinions about the accuracy of tarot readings. While many Redditors have positive experiences and consider tarot readings to be accurate, others remain skeptical. It seems likely that tarot readings can be reliable to some extent – it appears that more experienced readers and more thoughtful readings can yield more accurate results. Context might also play a role in determining the accuracy of tarot readings, as well as the beliefs and experiences of the reader. Ultimately, further research is needed to truly understand the potential accuracy of tarot readings.