Energy Cleansing for Your Home: Clearing Negative Energy and Inviting Positive Vibes

What is Energy Cleansing?

Energy cleansing refers to an ancient practice of cleansing a home, office, or any other physical space of negative energies. It’s a process that works to restore balance, clarity, and harmony to a space. We use a wide variety of tactics to do this, such as burning sage, ringing bells, setting intentions, and meditating in the space. Energy cleansing helps create an environment that can attract abundance, peace, and joy.

Experts of energy healing believe that negative energy can enter our lives from a variety of sources. This can include negative people, stress, and other harmful environmental factors. In many instances, it may feel like something isn’t right in a room, regardless of its physical cleanliness, and this is often a sign that the space needs to be energetically cleansed.

Which Tools Should You Use for Energy Cleansing?

There are a variety of tools that you can use when energy cleansing your home and inviting positive energy. Common methods used to cleanse energy include:

-Sage and Palo Santo: Burning these herbs helps to cleanse and purify the energy in a space. You can light the herbs and allow the smoke to move around the space, particularly focusing on corners and dark areas.

-Crystals: Crystals such as quartz and amethyst can be used to absorb negative energy and encourage positive vibes. Place these items around the home in areas where you’d like to cleanse the energy.

-Essential Oils: Essential oils can be used to replenish the atmosphere with positivity. Popular oils include lavender, lemon, and cedarwood. You can use an oil diffuser or spray the oils around the home.

-Bell Ringing: Many believe that ringing bells can help to ward off negative energy. Try ringing a bell when walking around the home, particularly in corners and more hidden areas.

How to Perform an Energy Cleansing

Performing an energy cleansing is a personal practice, but here are a few steps you can follow.

-Start by setting an intention for the cleansing. Before you start the process, take a few moments to set your intention. Ask that the energy of the space be restored to balance, allowing you to feel the power of positivity.

-Begin the cleansing. Start at the front door and physically go through the space, cleansing with the tools above. As you move around the home, use techniques such as sage-burning, bell ringing, and diffusing oils.

-Ending the Cleansing: Once you have completed the cleansing, express gratitude for the transformation of the space. The cleansing process can be a powerful experience and you should give thanks for the good energy that you’re inviting into your home.

-Maintain the Space: After the cleansing is complete, take steps to ensure that the space stays cleaned and energetically balanced. Make sure to regularly take time to burn sage, ringing bells, and use other cleansing techniques mentioned above.

Benefits of Energy Cleansing

Energy cleansing can be a powerful tool for improving the energy of a home. Here are a few of the benefits:

-Increase Positive Energy: Cleansing the energy of your home can help to lift your spirits, leaving you feeling more connected and energized. It can also help reduce strain and stress.

-Cleanse the Space: Negative energy often builds up over time and can accumulate in the corners and hidden spaces of a home. Energy cleansing helps to rid a space of negative energy, allowing positive energies to flow freely.

-Restore Balance: Cleansing the energy can help to restore the natural balance of a home. This can help create harmony between family members, or between a person and their workspace.


Energy cleansing is an effective way to clear negative energy from a home and attract positive vibes. It’s a practice that has been used for centuries, and is still popular today. Use tools such as sage, crystals, oils, and bells to cleanse the energy and invite in the good vibes. Cleansing the energy of a space can leave you feeling calm and energized, allowing you to restore balance to your life.
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What is the best way to perform an energy cleansing for my home?

1. Start by smudging your home. Smudging is an ancient practice used for clearing and purifying spaces. Common ingredients for smudging include smoke from herbs such as sage, cedar, sweetgrass, and lavender.

2. Ring a bell or chime to symbolically clear a space of any stuck energy.

3. Prepare an energy-clearing spray using a mixture of essential oils and purified water with a mix of either geranium, lavender, sage, frankincense or lemongrass.

4. Place clear quartz crystals in the four corners of each room. Known as master healers, these are said to absorb, amplify, and transmute any negative energy.

5. Put out a small offering of tea light candles, plants, incense, and a crystal bowl of salts such as sea salt, himalayan salt, or epsom salt.

6. Light a white candle in each room and focus on sending love and light into your home.

7. End the energy cleansing by meditating and setting your intention that your home has been cleaned and purified of all negative energy.