Discovering Your Secret Admirer: A Tarot Spread for Hidden Love

Discovering Your Secret Admirer: A Tarot Spread for Hidden Love

Introduction: Secret Admirers and Tarot Readings

The tantalizing concept of secret admirers has been long-cherished in the collective old-fashioned imagination – and with good reason. The idea of a one-sided, intimate connection creates a space to nurture curiosity and awe, while at the same time it can also spark feelings of doubt, fear and confusion.

As our world has moved further and further away from that of our grandparent’s, comprehensive and reliable methods of discovering a secret admirer have become more scarce. However, the marvels of tarot readings offer a renewed sense of hope for those of us seeking to discover the true identity of our hidden romantic admirers.

What Is a Tarot Spread?

Before delving into the details of how a tarot spread can reveal the identity of a secret admirer, it is helpful to first take a look at the basics of tarot readings. A tarot spread is an arrangement of tarot cards that are laid out in a specific pattern and are meant to reveal the root cause of an issue, provide direction in uncertain times, and showcase insights from a higher power.

Tarot spreads typically consist of anywhere from three to five cards and can be used to guide the individual through a present-day situation or develop a better understanding regarding past events. Different spreads exist, each with their own power and purpose. Some of the more common tarot spreads used in readings are the Three Card Spread, the Celtic Cross, and the Wheel of Fortune.

Understanding How to Use a Tarot Spread

Though it can be helpful to gain a quick understanding of the basics before getting started, many suggest that reading tarot is not something that can be learned through research alone. Just as a psychic may be able to detect different energies from the cards, true understanding of how a spread works comes from within.

Before starting, it is helpful to connect with the energies of the cards through meditation and mindfulness. This will help to keep a level head during the reading and focus on the important messages the cards can bring.

When ready, spread out the cards and take a moment to take each of them in. Though the initial placement designated by tarot readings can seem arbitrary, reviewing the different cards carefully will begin to make the meaning behind the spread clearer.

Discovering Your Secret Admirer: A Tarot Spread for Hidden Love

A tarot spread specifically designed to identify a secret admirer is a great tool for those interested in learning more about their hidden attraction. For this reading, four cards will be used – three covering the area of the romantic admirer and the other focusing on the individual’s emotional experience.

The first card should be placed to the left, signifying the past and your own present attitude concerning the admiration. This card offers insight on the history of the relationship and the individual’s emotional expectations.

The second card should be placed to the right, signifying the future and any potential relationships that have yet to be formed. This card reveals the relationship’s problems and can indicate whether any hidden admirer is really worth pursing.

The third card is placed in the middle and is meant to draw attention to the present moment. This card is associated with both inner and outer power, and helps to provide a better understanding of the feelings that the secret admirer has created.

The fourth and final card is placed at the top of the spread and covers the individual’s emotional experience. This card is meant to be viewed with caution, as it can signify both positive and negative emotions surrounding the secret admirer.

Interpreting Your Tarot Spread

Once the cards have been placed, it is time to begin interpreting them. It is important to remember each card will provide a unique message and perspective on the situation, and should be studied with sensitivity. As you carefully review each card, think about ways the spread can answer the original question you posed.

The first card provides advice regarding the situation and hints at whether the individual should continue pursuing their current path. The second card reveals any hidden feelings the admirer may have and can suggest new roads to take. The third card offers insight into any lessons that need to be learned, while the fourth and final card is a great opportunity to gain greater clarity and understanding on the individual’s emotional experience.

Using the Tarot to Uncover the Mysterious Admirer

Though discovering a secret admirer may seem impossible, tarot readings can provide an accessible method for understanding the true identity of a romantic interest. As with any tarot spread, the individual must first get comfortable with the cards and trust in their messages before proceeding.

The spread presented above includes four cards, each with their own unique power and ability. Through careful examination of the reading, the individual can gain great insight on the mysterious admirer and the feelings this hidden love is creating.