Discovering Your Birth Card in Tarot: What it Reveals About Your Personality

What Are Birth Cards

Birth cards, also known as life cards, are a traditional form of divination, which uses tarot cards to uncover insights into a person’s personality and destiny. Each card has a distinct meaning that can be used to interpret the energies of a person’s life. Birth cards are traditionally assigned to individuals upon birth, and while they can be changed, they are often considered to be very deeply connected to the core personality of the person.

How to Use Birth Card Readings

Birth cards can be used for both card readings and for self-reflection. Generally, when having a reading done with a tarot card reader, the goal will be to interpret the energy of the cards and to provide guidance that can help you with whatever situation you are facing. This can include guidance about relationships, career, health, and more. In a self-reflection, you may use the cards to look inward and discover new perspectives about your personality and uncover hidden strengths.

Your Birth Card and What it Reveals

When looking at your birth card, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, the suit of the card will offer insight into what general area of your life is being touched. For example, the suit of pentacles is associated with money and material possessions, while the suit of cups deals with emotions and relationships.

The other aspect of your birth card that can offer clues to your personality is the card itself. Each card in the tarot has its own special meaning and can provide insight into traits that you possess, as well as areas of life that you may need to focus on.

How to Interpret Your Birth Card

When interpreting your birth card, it is important to remember that the meaning of the card may not be literal. For example, the card might point to an area of your life that is causing you difficulty, but that does not necessarily mean that it is a bad card. Instead, it could be a reminder to work on that area of your life in order to bring balance.

It is also important to keep in mind that each card can contain both positives and negatives, so it is important to consider the whole of the card when trying to decipher its message.

Using Birth Cards for Self-Reflection

Birth cards can also be used as a tool to help you get in touch with yourself and to gain greater insight into your own personality. By looking at the Tarot card associated with your birth date, you can uncover hidden aspects of your personality as well as insights into your destiny.


Discovering your birth card in tarot can be an incredibly powerful form of self-reflection, as it can provide insight into the core energies at play in your life. The card and its suit can provide insight into your personality, while its placement in the tarot deck can offer clues to both positive and negative aspects. Whether you use your birth card for card readings or for self-reflection, it can be an invaluable tool that can help you discover parts of yourself that may have been hidden.
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How do birth cards of tarot relate to one’s personality?

The answer to this question is highly subjective and varies from person to person. Some people believe that the card one is born with correlates to certain traits of their personality. Each card of the tarot has its own unique symbolism, which can be interpreted and applied to how one’s personality or character develops over time. However, others believe that the connection to one’s personality is merely coincidental. Ultimately, the degree to which they are related, if at all, is up to the individual.

Is it possible to use a birth card to predict future life events?

No, it is not possible to accurately predict future life events by interpreting a birth card. Birth cards, also known as natal charts, are simply maps of the positions of stars and planets at the time of a person’s birth and are interpreted according to astrological principles. These interpretations can be general insights into a person’s character and potential, but they cannot accurately predict future life events.

What is the significance of birth cards in tarot readings?

Birth cards, also known as card of the day readings, are a powerful way to interpret your daily life and gain insight into your situation. Birth cards can be used as a tool to help provide guidance, reflection, and clarity in a tarot reading. They are used to provide perspective on the present moment and give a deeper understanding of one’s state of being. Birth cards can also provide spiritual guidance and can help to discover important messages from Spirit.

Are there certain interpretations of birth cards that hold true for all people?

No, many interpretations of birth cards depend largely on the individual’s personal beliefs and astrological signs. Different people may interpret the same card in different ways, depending on their specific relationships and life path. Additionally, birth cards can be interpreted differently in various cultures, making it even more difficult to find a universal definition for them.

What tarot cards represent birth cards?

The traditional Tarot birth cards are the Fool and the High Priestess. The Fool card is associated with new beginnings and new possibilities, while the High Priestess is symbolic of wisdom and inner guidance. Both cards can signify a transition or an important cycle coming to an end. They also represent an important time of transformation and personal growth.

What do major arcana tarot cards represent in birth cards?

Major arcana tarot cards in birth cards represent the big life events, lessons, and energies that we will encounter throughout our lifetime; these experiences are usually connected to our personal soul journey and growth. Major Arcana cards often, but not always, signify events and themes of a more serious or life-changing nature. They can also represent spiritual evolution and opening oneself up to the lessons and gifts that come with life’s changes.

Q: What does the Major Arcana signify in a birth card reading?

A: The Major Arcana in a birth card reading symbolizes the inner and outer influences that are currently at play in the individual’s life. It can help to provide insight into the person’s character, and can help to predict the future path they may take and the challenges they may face. Major Arcana cards can also provide a deeper understanding of the individual’s journey and how their choices will affect the ultimate outcome.

Q: What are the archetypes of the Major Arcana?

The archetypes of the Major Arcana are:

1) The Magician – represents the creative principle and the power of the will. He symbolizes action, intelligence, skill, creativity, and adaptability.

2) The High Priestess – represents the feminine aspect of the divine, connecting with the unconscious, intuition, and different kinds of knowledge.

3) The Empress – symbolizes abundance, fertility, and femininity. She is the nurturing and caring mother figure.

4) The Emperor – symbolizes the male aspect of the divine, rule, authority, and discipline.

5) The Hierophant – symbolizes spiritual mastery, wisdom, theology, and religious laws.

6) The Lovers – symbolizes romance, relationships, choices, and partnership.

7) The Chariot – symbolizes determination, will power, and victory.

8) Strength – symbolizes patience, courage, self-control, and inner strength.

9) The Hermit – symbolizes introspection, wisdom, and spiritual guidance.

10) The Wheel of Fortune – symbolizes change, fate, and luck.

11) Justice – symbolizes fairness, balance, and the law of karma.

12) The Hanged Man – symbolizes transformation, renewal, and redemption.

13) Death – symbolizes endings, rebirth, and the cycles of life.

14) Temperance – symbolizes moderation, balance, and harmony.

15) The Devil – symbolizes temptation, desire, materialism, and addiction.

16) The Tower – symbolizes destruction, chaos, and a dramatic shift in perspective.

17) The Star – symbolizes hope, faith, healing, and renewal.

18) The Moon – symbolizes intuition, instinct, and the subconscious.

19) The Sun – symbolizes joy, success, optimism, and abundance.

20) Judgement – symbolizes a new beginning, inner awakening, and redemption.

21) The World – symbolizes completion, wholeness, and attainment of goals.