Discovering Pregnancy: Can Tarot Cards Help You Find Out?

A Look at How Tarot Cards Can Be Used to Determine Pregnancy

The idea of using tarot cards to discover pregnancy is a concept that has been around for centuries. Proponents of the practice claim that tarot cards can provide insight into a person’s future and can even identify whether or not a woman is expecting. But is this true? Let’s take a closer look at how tarot card readers interpret these cards and how they help people learn more about their own situations.

Interpreting Tarot Cards for Answers About Pregnancy

Interpreting tarot cards is a personal journey, as everyone has their own unique interpretations. Generally speaking, tarot card readers look for any cards that signify fertility and motherhood in order to answer questions about pregnancy. Major Arcana cards, such as “The Empress” or “The High Priestess” signify strong femininity and maternity, while other minor cards may indicate a forthcoming pregnancy.

Using Tarot Cards to Uncover Clues

When it comes to using tarot cards to discover pregnancy, readers take a holistic approach. Beyond just looking for cards that could indicate pregnancy, readers will also look for cards that suggest the timing of any impending arrivals. This could involve looking for cards that suggest certain months (The Moon card often indicates the month of October), or ones that suggest a certain season (The Hermit card often indicates winter months).

Benefits of Using Tarot Cards To Find Out If You’re Pregnant

Using tarot cards to discover pregnancy can provide credibility and support for women during this exciting and sometimes overwhelming time. As mentioned above, tarot card readers will look for clues beyond the cards indicating pregnancy, thus encouraging the reader to think more deeply about the cards they are drawing. This can lead to a better understanding of their situation and can even provide comfort during this joyous yet uncertain time.


Although tarot cards cannot definitively determine if a woman is pregnant or not, they can be a helpful tool in uncovering clues and helping those who have these questions gain some insight. Tarot readers look for cards that suggest fertility and motherhood, as well as timing of any potential arrivals. Ultimately, tarot cards can provide comfort and support to women looking to gain knowledge and understanding.
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How does using tarot cards to discover pregnancy differ from other methods?

Using tarot cards to discover pregnancy differs from other methods in that it is a more spiritual and intuitive way to gain an understanding of potential fertility outcomes and signals. Tarot cards are read within the context of the seeker’s life, using the symbols of the cards to interpret messages from the divine. Other methods of predicting fertility plans may be more practical, such as tracking menstruation cycles or using at-home pregnancy tests.

In what ways do readings provided by tarot cards provide insight into a potential pregnancy?

Tarot readings can provide insight into a potential pregnancy in a number of ways. It can provide an understanding of the factors surrounding a potential pregnancy, such as one’s emotional and psychological state, the timing of conceiving a child, and the ideal approach for successful conception. Tarot readings can also provide insight into the obstacles that may arise during this process and the potential for a successful outcome. Also, Tarot readings can offer guidance in terms of the best ways to navigate any emotional upheaval that often accompanies a pregnancy. Finally, a Tarot reading can provide support and assurance during this process.

Are there any ethical considerations to be mindful of when using tarot cards to discover pregnancy?

Yes, there are some ethical considerations to be mindful of when using tarot cards to discover pregnancy. It is important to ensure that both the client and the reader are comfortable with the process, and that any information shared is kept confidential. Additionally, it is important to remind the client that the tarot cards should not be used as a replacement for professional medical advice and/or pregnancy testing. Finally, it is important for the reader to be aware of their own biases and assess their own ability to remain objective in reading the cards.

Can tarot cards really reveal if someone is pregnant?

No, tarot cards cannot reveal if someone is pregnant. They are not a form of divination and are used mainly as a tool to help one explore their life experiences and gain a better understanding of themselves. Pregnancy is a fact-based situation, and tarot cards cannot provide an accurate answer to this question.

Can tarot cards be used to confirm a pregnancy?

No, tarot cards cannot be used to confirm a pregnancy. While tarot cards may provide general guidance on life, love, and relationships, they are not an accurate way to confirm a pregnancy. If you think you are pregnant it is important to visit a doctor and take a pregnancy test to confirm the pregnancy.

Are tarot cards accurate for predicting pregnancy?

No, tarot cards are not an accurate method of predicting pregnancy. While some people may use tarot cards to try to predict pregnancy, there is no scientific evidence to support their accuracy, and the outcomes are often subject to interpretation and personal belief. It is important to remember that tarot cards are not an accurate source of medical information, and it is best to seek medical advice from your doctor if you have questions or concerns about pregnancy.

What type of tarot card reading is used to predict pregnancy?

There is no particular type of tarot card reading specifically used for predicting pregnancy. Tarot readings can be used to help explore potential outcomes, energies and advice in any area of life, including the possibility of pregnancy. It is entirely up to the tarot reader’s individual interpretation and discernment of the tarot cards they choose to use.

What types of questions can be addressed in a tarot card reading to predict pregnancy?

1. What are the chances of us conceiving a child?

2. When is the best time for conception?

3. Is our relationship and lifestyle right for having a child?

4. Are there any obstacles blocking us from conceiving a baby?

5. Should we pursue fertility treatments?

6. What advice does the tarot suggest for us to increase our chances of conception?

7. What can we do to prepare ourselves mentally and emotionally for having a baby?

8. What energies will be most beneficial for us to conceive a child?

9. What suggestions does the tarot offer us for conceiving the baby we want?

10. Are there any warning signs we should be aware of for this process?