Discovering Jane Austen: A Tarot Deck Inspired by Classic Literature


Jane Austen’s novels have been influential and popular across the globe for more than two centuries. This classic author’s work transcends era and has inspired modern stories, interpretations, and creations. The Jane Austen Tarot Deck is one such creative endeavour, an art form that brings the characters and words of Austen’s cherished classic literature to life.

The Idea behind the Tarot Deck

The Jane Austen Tarot Deck is the brainchild of British artist Boo Hageman and her collaborator, international tarot practitioner Christine Jette. The two were inspired by the famous author’s stories and decided to craft a unique tarot card deck that pays homage to the classic novels of Austen.

The idea was to capture the essence of the different characters, archetypes, and terms associated with Austen’s works in a focused set of tarot cards. Hageman crafted the illustrations while Jette used her expertise as a tarot practitioner to create the reading and interpretation of the images. Working together, they brought the timeless classic novels of Jane Austen to life in a totally new way.

The Artwork of the Tarot Deck

The artwork of the Jane Austen Tarot Deck is lovingly crafted and inspired by classic decorative arts and illustrations from the Georgian and Regency periods. Hageman took great care in her illustrations as she wanted to ensure that each card was faithful to the character and storyline of the source material.

The deck contains 22 major arcana cards, including ‘The Attentive Gentleman’, ‘The Enchanting Lady’, ‘The Waiting Girl’, and the ‘Happy Conclusion’. There are also several cards from Austen’s novels, such as ‘School for Young Ladies’, ‘The Ball at Netherfield’, and ‘The Meryton Assembly’. Every card captures a moment or an idea from throughout Austen’s works, with subtle colouring tricks and symbolic illustrations.

How Tarot Can Help Us Learn About Jane Austen

Given that tarot can often be used to explore the human experience and provide insight into the human psyche, the Jane Austen Tarot Deck can be an excellent tool for understanding the classic works of Jane Austen. By associating characters and themes from various Austen novels with tarot cards and corresponding interpretations, readers can gain a deeper insight into aspects of Austen’s work that might have been previously overlooked.

The tarot card interpretations present viewers with a totally new way of looking at characters, stories, and plot points. Through tarot, readers can gain a new appreciation for the particular themes, symbols and their associated significance.

Reading the Tarot Deck

The Jane Austen Tarot Deck comes with a booklet that provides interpretations of the cards. This can be helpful for those new to tarot, as well as for those looking to gain a deeper understanding of the characters and stories of Austen’s literature.

The booklet contains guidance for how to perform a tarot reading with the deck and offers interpretations for each card. Each card description provides additional insights and information beyond the literal meaning of the illustrations.


The Jane Austen Tarot Deck is a unique and creative endeavour that was inspired by one of the world’s most beloved authors. Combining classic literature and tarot, this beautiful artwork and interpretation brings Jane Austen’s stories to life in a totally new way. Tarot readers can use the deck to gain a new understanding and appreciation of Austen’s works, while those new to tarot can use it to learn the art.