Decoding Yes and No: Unveiling the Secrets of Yes/No Tarot


Have you ever wanted to have an insight into the answer of a very important question? Perhaps you seek to know if you are about to make an important decision? If so, a Yes/No tarot card reading might be the answer you are looking for. Read on to gain an insight into how Yes/No tarot readings work and what their different interpretations can tell us about the questions we are seeking answers to.

What is Yes/No Tarot Reading?

Yes/No tarot reading is a special type of tarot reading method that looks at a particular question and attempts to provide a direct answer: ‘Yes,’ or ‘No.’ This type of reading relies on the interpretation of a single card instead of a full tarot spread which traditionally involves analysing a series of cards chosen from the tarot deck. The reading is simple and easy to interpret, as it requires only a single card and the interpretation of that single card.

How it Works?

Tarot readers use their intuition to select a card that can shed a light on your particular situation. The tarot reader then uses their knowledge and expertise to interpret the card chosen and its signification, at which point it can be applied to your question in order to provide an answer. The card is chosen randomly by the tarot reader and it is thought that the card chosen should be considered as an inner message from the subconscious mind.

Interpreting Yes and No

A Yes card indicates that the answer to the question asked is positive and that it is likely to work out in favour of the querent. Generally speaking, a Yes card will signify luck, good fortune, success and positive outcomes.

On the other hand, a No card signifies the opposite – that it is likely that the answer is much less favourable to the querent. A No card will typically suggest caution and that potential risks should be taken in light of the situation.


Yes/No tarot readings are a great way to gain insight and clarity into a particular question. They can provide a relatively simple and direct answer as to whether or not what we are about to do is likely to be successful. Tarot readers take great care into interpreting the cards chosen and providing the necessary insight to the querent.
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What are some tips for using yes/no tarot readings?

1. Begin with a centering practice to help clear your mind, such as deep breathing.

2. Before you start the reading, ask the Tarot cards a specific question.

3. Have an open mind and try to interpret the answer not just within a strict yes/no framework, but as an answer that’s more holistic.

4. Pay attention to any supplementary tarot cards that accompany the answer, as they may provide further insight to the meaning behind the tarot reading.

5. Once the reading is complete, take the time to reflect and think about how the answer relates to your life. It’s also important to use your intuition and be open to different interpretations.

6. Find a way to properly document your readings to help you remember the insights that it provided.

7. Remember that there is always some element of free will and you have the power to create the life you want. Yes/No tarot readings are only meant to provide clarity and insight.

What questions should I ask when doing a yes/no tarot reading?

1. Are things headed in a positive direction?

2. How can I create positive change in my life?

3. Is this the best decision for me right now?

4. Am I going in the right direction with this project?

5. Will there be a happy and successful outcome?

6. Is it time to take a new approach?

7. Will I find success in this venture?

8. Should I move forward with this plan?

9. Can I trust myself to make the right choice?

10. Will I meet my goals?