Decoding Judgement: Unveiling the Secrets of Judgement Tarot Cards

Understanding Judgement

Tarot cards have been around for centuries, yet the Judgement card has always remained a bit mysterious. This card speaks of a call to awakening and is said to represent an opportunity for profound spiritual change. Judgement tarot cards can provide deep insight into our lives and offer guidance in difficult decisions. By understanding the various interpretations of the Judgement card, one can gain a better understanding of where they stand in the grand scheme of things.

The Ways Judgement Can Help

When the Judgement card appears in a tarot reading, it is often a sign of a major shift in consciousness or a call to pay attention to one’s true inner voice. It can bring about a time for reflection and evaluation of past and current situations in our lives. In difficult times it can offer a moment of clarity, helping one to determine the best direction to go in. Judgement can also aide in understanding how our life choices are being judged by those around us and offer insight into how to navigate life’s challenges in a more positive manner.

Symbols of Judgement

The Judgement card is traditionally depicted by an angel blowing a trumpet. The trumpet is a symbol of awakening and judgement, calling one to stand up and answer for their life choices. Angels, with their divine wisdom, can offer clarity and insight in difficult times. The sun in the background signifies the dawning of new realization and understanding. The card can also be seen as a guide to spiritual growth and a reminder to trust in one’s own intuition when making important decisions.

Interpretations of Judgement

When Judgement appears in a tarot reading, it can signify many things depending on the surrounding cards and the context in which it is appearing. Generally, it can be seen as a call to re-evaluate your life and take action on any revelations or intuitions you may have had. It is a reminder that the door to the spirit realm is always open and to trust in our own inner guidance. When Judgement appears, it is important to take a step back and look at the big picture, using our intuition as a guide.


Judgement tarot cards can offer powerful insight into our lives and provide guidance in difficult times. By understanding the various interpretations of the card and taking time to reflect on our own experiences, we can gain insight into our life path and use the Judgement card to make decisions that will lead to our highest spiritual growth.

What symbols are used in the Judgment tarot cards?

The Judgment tarot card is illustrated with imagery related to a final judgment, such as an angel blowing a horn, which symbolizes the call to final judgment. You may also find images such as wings, scales, books, flames, a white dove, a sunset, figures rising from graves, and an archangel.

What is the meaning of the scales symbol in Judgment tarot cards?

The scales symbol in Judgment tarot cards typically stands for the weighing of our decisions and actions, and it often suggests that a period in our lives of evaluation and absolution is coming. This card can represent not only decisions, but also thoughts and ideas. It can also represent a time in our lives when closure and freedom are near.

“What is the significance of the scales symbol in Justice tarot cards?”

The scales symbol in Justice tarot cards is symbolic of balance, fairness, truth, honor, and morality. It symbolizes making unbiased decisions and acting with integrity. It signifies the importance of weighing choices and considerations, of making judgments based on balanced and equitable facts, and of working towards impartial solutions. The scales represent justice, impartiality, and harmony.