Decoding His Thoughts: The ‘What Does He Think About Me’ Tarot Spread

Learning How To Read Your Partner’s Thoughts With A Tarot Spread

One of the most common questions asked when being in a relationship is “What does he think of me?”. It’s a difficult thing to answer as our partners may not always tell us what they truly think. Fortunately, a Tarot reading can provide you with answers to this very question.

A Tarot spread is an arrangement of cards chosen and laid out according to certain patterns with the intent of understanding one’s past, present and future. This particular spread is intended to help those in relationships gain insight into the thoughts and feelings of the person they are in a relationship with.

Things To Consider Before Doing This Tarot Spread

Before doing this spread it is important to understand that the Tarot is never 100% accurate and should never take the place of honest, direct communication. Tarot readings are meant to provide guidance, clarity, and insight and should only be used as a supplement to open communication.

What You’ll Need To Do This Tarot Spread:

• A Tarot deck of your choice
• A comfortable, relaxed space
• Pen and paper (for your notes)
• An open mind

Instructions For Decoding His Thoughts: The ‘What Does He Think About Me?’ Tarot Spread

Step 1:

Curl up in a comfortable position and take a few deep breaths, letting your body and mind relax. Focus on the one question you would like answered: ‘What does he think about me?’

Step 2:

Shuffle your Tarot cards and begin to draw from your Tarot deck.

Step 3:

Lay the cards out in a 3-card spread. The cards should be laid out in a horizontal row, left to right. The left-most card is card 1, the middle card is card 2, and the rightmost card is card 3.

These three cards represent the following:

  • Card 1: His true, underlying feelings about you.
  • Card 2: What he shows and tells you
  • Card 3: The outcome of the situation or potential action he may take.

Step 4:

Once you have laid out the cards, take some time to meditate on each card and explore the imagery, symbology, and messages that are being communicated. Make notes and/or journal about what resonates with you and how it applies to your life in that moment.

Step 5:

You can now combine all 3 cards together to get an even greater understanding and insight.


The ‘What Does He Think About Me?’ Tarot Spread is a powerful tool to gain insight into the thoughts and feelings of those closest to you. It can open the door to honest conversations and better understanding. Just remember to approach it with an open mind and to use it only as a supplement to direct communication.
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What are the advantages of using the tarot to gain insight into a person’s thoughts?

The Tarot is a powerful ancient system of self-exploration, offering insight into many areas of life. It can help a person gain clarity and understanding of their thoughts, feelings, and motivations. It can also aid in making decisions or understanding past experiences. Tarot can provide guidance and insight into relationship dynamics, important life decisions, spiritual growth, and more. Additionally, it can be a means of relieving stress and providing a renewed sense of purpose. Lastly, it can be a great tool for self-reflection, prompting personal and spiritual growth.

What other practices can be used in conjunction with the tarot spread to further investigate a person’s thoughts?

Other practices that can be used in conjunction with a tarot spread to further investigate a person’s thoughts include:

-Dream interpretation


-Creating a vision board

-Exploring astrological influences

-Using vibrational healing

-Developing an herbal remedy or spell

-Manifestation and intention setting

-Activating the senses with aromatherapy or sound healing

-Practicing intuitive channeling and automatic writing

What specific tarot cards are used in the “What Does He Think About Me” spread?

The specific tarot cards used in the “What Does He Think About Me” spread include:

1. The Lovers

2. The Ace of Cups

3. The Chariot

4. The Six of Swords

5. The Hermit

6. The Four of Wands

How has the spread been customized to provide information specifically related to a person’s thoughts?

The spread has been customized to provide insights into a person’s thoughts by looking at their current mental state and uncovering any underlying issues that could be affecting them. It attempts to identify key areas of concern by analyzing the person’s current emotions and beliefs. In addition, the spread also helps to provide a perspective on potential solutions to any issues that may be present. This can include both inward reflection and opportunities to take external action.

What should I keep in mind when doing the ‘What Does He Think About Me’ Tarot spread?

1. Follow the instructions closely – Each card in this spread has a specific meaning, so be sure to read the instructions carefully before you begin your spread.

2. Be mindful of reversals – Be aware that some cards in this spread can be read either upright or reversed, so you’ll need to determine what the card means when considering its overall message.

3. Consider the entire spread – The cards in a Tarot spread are only part of the story. Take the time to consider the spread as a whole and look for meaningful connections between the cards and relationships to help interpret the message more accurately.

4. Listen to your intuition – It’s important to use both your rational mind and your intuition when interpreting a Tarot spread. Listen to your gut and trust what it tells you about the message being conveyed.

What kind of Tarot cards should I use for the ‘What Does He Think About Me’ Tarot spread?

You could use any Tarot cards you feel drawn to, especially those that focus on relationships such as The Lovers, Ten of Cups, Six of Cups, The Knight of Swords, and The Sun. You could also use Tarot cards that cover questions of the heart such as The Lovers, The Emperor, The Page of Cups, and The Star. It’s important that you find the deck that speaks to you the most and you feel the most connected to when interpreting the spread.

What are the steps for performing the ‘What Does He Think About Me’ Tarot spread?

1. Shuffle and cut the deck.

2. Set the intention for the reading: “What does X think about me?”

3. Lay out the cards in a cross pattern.

4. Place the first card (The Significator) in the center.

5. Place four cards in a horizontal line below the Significator to form the Four Possible Outcomes.

6. Place three cards to the right of the Significator to represent Thoughts and Feelings.

7. Place three cards above the Significator to represent Desires and Intentions.

8. Place three cards to the left of the Significator to represent Influences.

9. Interpret the cards in combination with one another, focusing on the main theme of the reading, “What does X think about me?”

10. Many tarot readers also draw a final card after completing their interpretation of the spread, to gain further insight into the reading, or to ask any clarifying questions.