Decoding His Emotions: The ‘How Does He Feel About Me’ Tarot Spread

Interpreting Your Partner’s Feelings Through the Tarot

The ancient art of the Tarot can be an incredibly powerful tool for gaining access to and understanding your partner’s innermost thoughts and emotions. But how do you begin to interpret the cards? This article will be walking you through a particular spread – the ‘How Does He/She Feel About Me’ Tarot Spread – and how it can help decode your partner’s emotions.

What is the ‘How Does He/She Feel About Me’ Tarot Spread?

The ‘How Does He/She Feel About Me’ Tarot Spread is a special spread that is specifically designed to understand the romantic feelings of your partner. This spread can give you an insight into the depths of your partner’s emotions, allowing you to understand the full complexities and complexities of their thoughts and feelings.

Using the Tarot Spread

Using the ‘How Does He/She Feel About Me’ Tarot Spread can be relatively easy, even if you are new to the Tarot. The spread itself consists of seven cards, each of which stands for a different aspect of your relationship.

The Seven Cards

The seven cards that comprise the ‘How Does He/She Feel About Me’ Tarot Spread are as follows:

  • First Card: A representation of your partner’s current state of mind towards you.
  • Second Card: An insight into your partner’s feelings towards you.
  • Third Card: An understanding of your partner’s emotions towards you.
  • Fourth Card: A revelation of your partner’s expectations of you.
  • Fifth Card: An insight into the unseen dynamics in your relationship.
  • Sixth Card: A representation of what lies ahead in your relationship.
  • Seventh Card: A summarization of your partner’s true feelings about you.

Once you have drawn the seven cards and separated them into their respective positions, it is time to start interpreting.

Interpreting the Cards

Interpreting the cards is the most important, and potentially most difficult, stage in the process. However, with a little practice you can start to understand the nuances of each card and the messages that it conveys.

The first card is the representation of your partner’s current state of mind, and can give you an indication of the emotions that they are currently feeling. The second card will provide insight into their feelings towards you, while the third can help you understand the deeper emotions that they may have.

The fourth card provides you with an understanding of your partner’s expectations; the fifth gives you an insight into the hidden dynamics of the relationship; and the sixth provides a glimpse of what the future may hold in store.

Finally, the seventh card is the summarization of your partner’s overall feelings about you. By looking at the Suit of the card, you can get an understanding of the true source of the emotions.


The ‘How Does He/She Feel About Me’ Tarot Spread is a powerful tool that can help you understand the complexity of your partner’s feelings. By using the seven cards of the spread, you can start to unravel the hidden truths of your relationship and have a greater understanding of what lies beneath the surface.
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How does the ‘How Does He Feel About Me’ Tarot Spread work?

The ‘How Does He Feel About Me’ Tarot Spread is a simple 3-card spread that helps you gain insight into a man’s feelings for you. It uses a combination of Major Arcana and Wands cards to reveal feelings, intentions, and a potential outcome.

The first card represents his current feelings towards you and what he’s thinking in the present moment. The second card shows his intentions and provides clues to how he’s planning to act in the future. The third card is a glimpse into the potential outcome of the situation — how he might feel in the end.

Keep in mind that the Tarot is not about predicting the future, but about providing guidance for your own journey. If a card turns up that you feel uneasy about, it’s not a sign of future failure, but a warning to take a step back and re-examine the situation.

How does getting an insight into his emotions help in a relationship?

Having an insight into a partner’s emotions can help a relationship because it allows both partners to understand each other better, become more empathetic, foster greater communication, and build trust. By understanding a partner’s feelings, you can tailor your responses to the emotions and needs that the partner is expressing. This can help to avoid misunderstandings, arguments, and conflict, and help build a stronger, more connected relationship.

What are some possible interpretations for the Spread results?

1. Two groups of people have different preferences for a particular product or activity.

2. Different demographics have varying perceptions of the same product or service.

3. There is dissonance between the expectations and actual experience of the same product or service.

4. Variance in economic or social conditions among different demographics affects the usage of a particular product or service.

5. Attitudes towards different products or services vary between different generations or socio-economic statuses.

What does each tarot card mean in the Spread?

Tarot card meanings differ depending on the type of spread you are doing. Generally speaking, each card in the tarot has a specific meaning associated with it. Tarot cards can represent different aspects of life such as past, present, and future. They can also indicate areas of life to focus on such as relationships, career, and health. The interpretation of each card depends on the position it is in the spread, as well as how it relates to the other cards surrounding it.

What tarot cards should I use for the ‘How Does He Feel About Me’ Tarot Spread?

1. The Lovers

2. Three of Cups

3. Ace of Pentacles

4. Five of Swords

5. Strength

6. The Hermit

7. The Moon

8. King of Swords

What questions should I ask when doing the ‘How Does He Feel About Me’ Tarot Spread?

1. How does he feel about me overall?

2. What are his true intentions towards me?

3. What obstacles do we have to overcome in our relationship?

4. What is the most important lesson I need to learn from this relationship?

5. What can I do to make him feel more positive or open towards me?

6. What can I do to best support his feelings for me?

7. What changes will we have to make to ensure our relationship lasts long-term?

8. What do I have to offer him in this relationship?

9. What potential do our relationship have?

10. What is the likely outcome of this relationship?