Crystal Singing Bowls: Sound Healing for the Soul

What Are Crystal Singing Bowls?

Crystal singing bowls are kitchenware-sized bowls made from crystal quartz, often hand-hammered and heated until a resonance is produced within the bowl. Crystal singing bowls can in a number of sizes and styles, from tall and shallow to short and deep, and each with its own unique sound. Although primarily associated with sound healing, many people use the bowls to deepen their meditative or mindfulness practices, or simply to provide a calming and mesmerizing soundscape in their homes and workplaces.

The Theory Behind Sound Healing

Sound healing centers around the idea that sound, when used correctly and intentionally, can provide therapeutic benefits to both the body and the mind. The idea is that sound can access deeper layers of consciousness and provide insight into emotional, mental and physical blocks, as well as help to clear such blocks. Sound healing also involves the use of instruments, such as the crystal singing bowl, to produce sounds which act as vibrations to re-align and re-energize the body.

How Crystal Singing Bowls Work

Crystal singing bowls operate on the principle of vibration, or resonance. When the bowl is struck, the sound resonates through the crystal, producing a sound wave. The vibrations generated by the bowls are said to induce a sense of relaxation, allowing people to more easily access deeper levels of being. The sound of the crystal singing bowl can also affect the airwaves around us, as well as the fluids, organs and tissues in our bodies, calming the mind and promoting healing.

The Benefits of Crystal Singing Bowls

The use of crystal singing bowls is often associated with sound healing, as it is thought that the sound waves can open up energy pathways in the body to help reduce stress and tension, promote healing, and provide relief from physical pain. Other purported benefits include improved mental clarity, enhanced creative thinking, and spiritual growth and development.

Using Crystal Singing Bowls

Using a crystal singing bowl is fairly easy, but there are a few simple tips to get the most out of your bowl. Firstly, the bowl should be placed on a flat surface, like a yoga mat or blanket, to help the sound waves reverberate through the space. Secondly, when striking the bowl it should be moved around the rim, starting and stopping at different points to produce a clear and pure sound. Finally, when playing the bowl it is important to be aware of the breath, letting the sound travel in and out with the breath, which can help to deepen the meditative process.

How to Choose a Crystal Singing Bowl

When choosing a crystal singing bowl, it is important to take into account your personal goals, intentions and experience levels. Bowls come in a range of sizes and styles, and some come with added features such as light and color. It is also advisable to listen to a few different bowls to get an idea of what resonates with you – each bowl has its own unique sound and style.


Crystal singing bowls are a great way to deepen a mindfulness practice and provide a more immersive and relaxing environment. With a few helpful tips and some time and practice, folks can experience the therapeutic benefits of sound healing, as well as enjoy the calming and mesmerizing sounds that these crystal bowls produce.
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What are some benefits of using crystal singing bowls for sound healing?

1. Improved physical, mental and emotional wellbeing: Crystal singing bowls create a powerful vibration that encourages relaxation and stress relief. Many people report feeling calmer, more relaxed and focused after a crystal singing bowl session.

2. Releasing of stuck energy: Crystal singing bowls help to open up blockages of energy and clear stagnant energy from the body, helping to create a balance of energy throughout.

3. Stress relief and relaxation: Crystal singing bowls create a field of vibrations that can help lower the levels of stress hormones in the body, allowing the person to relax and clear the mind.

4. Reduction of pain: Crystal singing bowls can help to reduce pain by blocking pain signals before they reach the brain.

5. Increased awareness and intuition: Crystal singing bowls can help to increase awareness, intuition and creativity.

6. Improved spiritual connection: The vibrations from the crystal singing bowls can stimulate deep spiritual states and can help to promote a fuller connection between the mind and the body.

What types of sound healing can be achieved with crystal singing bowls?

Crystal singing bowls can be used to achieve a variety of sound healing treatments, such as:

1. Chakra balancing and realignment

2. Relaxation and emotional release

3. Stimulation of creativity

4. Clarity of thought

5. Dissolving of energetic blocks

6. Expanding awareness

7. Stimulation of self-healing

8. Growing emotional intelligence

9. Connecting to higher energies

10. Improved circulation and immune system function