Connecting with Your Tarot Cards: A Guide to Building a Powerful Relationship

What is Tarot?

Tarot is an ancient system of symbolism that has been used by cultures dating back as far as ancient Egypt. Tarot readings can provide essential insight into our lives and are a tool that can be used to access your conscious and subconscious thoughts. Tarot cards are often used to help people understand their current situation, to get answers to questions, to gain clarity surrounding an issue, to develop a plan of action, and to understand how to best move forward.

A tarot deck consists of 78 cards divided into two distinct parts: the Major and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana cards represent the major life lessons associated with the spiritual journey of life, while the Minor Arcana cards represent the more mundane and day-to-day aspects of life.

Connecting to Your Tarot Cards

The power of Tarot lies in the ability of the reader to connect with their deck. By connecting with their Tarot cards, the reader can effectively use their intuition to read the cards and gain insights that may not be obvious on first glance.

Before you can begin to read Tarot, it’s important to build a connection with your deck. The best way to do this is to spend time with your cards. Spend time looking at the cards, shuffling them, handling them, and getting to know the symbolism on them. You can also choose to take some deep breaths and meditate with the cards to help foster the connection with them and create a sense of calm.

When choosing a deck, it’s important to find one that resonates with you. Look for a deck that speaks to your spirit and one that you would enjoy using. If possible, it’s often helpful to go to a store and hold the decks to get a sense of which one feels right for you.

Creating a Ritual for Reading Tarot

Another important aspect of connecting with your Tarot deck is to create a ritual for reading the cards. Establishing a ritual will help you enter into a familiar and calming state each time you begin a reading. This could include lit candles, incense, or any other spiritual items that make you comfortable while reading the cards.

In order to create a meaningful reading, it’s also important to come prepared. Before each reading, take a few moments to clear your intentions and think about what type of guidance or information you are looking for in the reading. Formulate your question as clearly as possible in your mind before beginning the reading. This will help you focus your attention and create a sense of order and clarity.

Building a Relationship with Your Cards

Once you’ve established the ritual and connected with your deck, it’s time to begin to form a deeper relationship with your tarot cards. As you become more familiar with the cards and the energies associated with them, your understanding and intuition will grow. This relationship is what really brings the tarot reading to life and makes it a powerful tool.

Think of your tarot cards like friends. Get to know the cards, look at them often, talk to them. You can even come up with nicknames for each one or express gratitude to each of the cards that come up in the reading. When we treat our cards like friends, our readings come alive and become even more meaningful.

Reading the Cards

Once you have developed a connection with your cards and a routine for your reading, you can move on to reading the cards. As you do this, strive to use your intuition more than any book information you might have about the cards. The symbolism and the message of each card can change depending on the context that it appears in and on the question that you are asking. Let the cards tell you what their message is and be sure to make note of your observations.

One of the most important aspects of tarot reading is to identify what the cards are telling you. Are they providing advice or guidance on how to move past a certain situation? Are they telling you to take time to reflect or to take action? Are they warning you against something? As you become more attuned to the messages and energies within the cards, you will become better at understanding what they are telling you.


Tarot readings are powerful tools that can be used to gain insight into our lives and to seek guidance. By connecting with your tarot cards, creating a ritual for reading them, and building a relationship with them, you can use tarot readings to access your subconscious and to gain clarity surrounding an issue. With a little practice and patience, you can unlock the power of tarot and harness it to unlock the mysteries of life.
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What is the best way to start a relationship with my tarot cards?

The best way to start your relationship with your tarot cards is to take your time and get to know them. Handle them with respect and reverence, and develop a comfortable relationship with each card. Spend some time researching the meanings of each card in the tarot deck as well as the various card spreads you can use to gain insight and clarity. Reading books and articles on tarot can also be helpful. Finally, find a quiet space in which to practice with your tarot cards and start reading them intuitively. Dedicate a few minutes each day to your practice and allow it to become an enjoyable time of reflection on different areas of your life.