Connecting with People through Tarot: How to Ask Tarot about a Specific Person

What is Tarot?

Tarot is an ancient form of divination that has been used for centuries to gain insights into one’s present and future. It’s a powerful tool for exploring a wide range of topics and themes, and it offers insight into the depths of the human experience. With tarot, you can make connections with those around you and gain clarity on a variety of situations.

Connecting With People Through Tarot

The tarot can be used to make powerful connections between people, by exploring their interpersonal dynamics. Through the cards, you can uncover important themes and gain a better understanding of how people interact with each other and respond to different situations. Tarot can also be used to gain insight into how a particular person may be feeling in the present moment and how their future could unfold. With a specific person in mind, it’s easy to use the tarot to get the answers to your questions.

How to Ask Tarot about a Specific Person?

If you wish to get a deeper understanding of a specific person, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to ask the tarot about them:

  • Find a Quiet Space: Find a comfortable and quiet place to begin your reading. You don’t need to be in a sacred or special space—you can do this anywhere. All you need is some silence and the willingness to focus on your question.
  • Prepare Your Question: Before you begin your reading, determine what question or issue you want to focus on related to the person. Spend some time thinking about it and how you can structure it in a way that fits a tarot reading.
  • Lay Out the Cards: Gather a tarot card deck and lay it out in the usual tarot pattern. Consider using one of the tarot spreads to help guide you.
  • Keep an Open Mind: As with any tarot reading, it’s important to have an open mind and be willing to listen to what the cards have to say.


Tarot is a valuable tool for making connections with people and gaining a deeper understanding of them. With a structured approach and an open mind, you can use tarot to ask questions about a specific person and gain insights into their thoughts and feelings. Whether you’re looking for guidance in a relationship or seeking a better understanding of someone’s motivations and behaviour, tarot can provide the answers you’re looking for.
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What are some things to consider when asking tarot questions related to a specific person?

1. Ask questions that are specific to the individual person and the relationship you have with them.

2. Make sure the questions are not too vague, or too specific.

3. Try to make your questions open-ended and inviting.

4. Avoid questions that involve “yes or no” answers.

5. Ask questions that are framed positively, as this will influence the results.

6. Be open to a variety of possible answers.

7. Consider the context and current situation that may affect the outcomes and/or interpretations.

What should be the focus of tarot readings when seeking clarity on a situation involving someone else?

When seeking clarity on a situation involving someone else, the focus of tarot readings should be on numerology, elemental energies, and relationship dynamics between both individuals. It is important to look at the relationship dynamics between the individuals in the situation to gain an understanding of where they are and where they might be headed. By looking at numerology, one can gain insights into the energies that are in play and the potential outcome of the situation. Lastly, by looking at elemental energies, one can gain an understanding of how the energies of a particular situation might be influencing the outcome.

What are some ways to leverage tarot readings to gain insight into another person’s feelings?

Tarot readings can provide insight into someone else’s feelings by helping to gain a better understanding of what the person is going through. A reading can give a glimpse into their inner thoughts and emotions as well as their current state of mind. It can also provide insight into their past experiences and possible paths they may take in the future. Additionally, tarot readings can provide guidance on how to best approach another person or situation. By understanding the cards drawn in a reading, you can approach whatever is at hand with clarity and confidence.

How can tarot readings help build stronger connections with people?

Tarot readings can help build stronger connections with people by providing a platform to openly and safely talk about topics such as emotions, challenges, aspirations, and energies. By giving each person a voice, tarot readings can help connect individuals to one another even better, allowing them to understand each other’s feelings more deeply and build a stronger bond. Additionally, using tarot cards as a tool of reflection can help individuals identify their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, so they can better understand themselves and eventually help them understand and appreciate others better.

What types of questions can I ask tarot about a specific person?

1. What are their intentions towards me?

2. What do they need to understand about our relationship?

3. How can our relationship evolve to a deeper connection?

4. What do they think of me?

5. How can I bring more positive energy into our relationship?

6. How can we reach a deeper understanding?

7. What are the weaknesses in our relationship?

8. What do they think of our connection?

9. What is the potential growth and direction of our relationship?

10. What obstacles do we need to work through together?

What are the best tarot spreads for asking questions about a specific person?

1. The Three Card Spread – This spread is great for getting a simple overview of a person’s life and the situation at hand.

2. The Relationship Spread – This spread will help you gain insight into the relationship between two people and how it can be improved.

3. The Celtic Cross Spread – This classic spread can be used to gain an in-depth look into the dynamics between two people, exploring the past and present influences, and forecasting the potential for the future.

4. The Yes/No Spread – This straightforward spread is great for a quick yes or no answer about a question about a person.

5. The Mirror Spread – This spread can be used to explore both the conscious and subconscious thoughts of one person in terms of the relationship with the other person.

What questions can I ask in a tarot spread about a specific person?

1. What is most important to this person in life?

2. What further development do they need to make in order to achieve their goals?

3. What barriers are holding them back from realizing their full potential?

4. How can this person increase their self-confidence and self-love?

5. What strengths does this person possess that will help them in the future?

6. What relationships or potential relationships will have a positive effect on this person’s life?

7. What areas of their life are out of balance and need attention?

8. What opportunities are available to this person that they may not be aware of?

9. How willing or able is this person to take risks?

10. Are there any spiritual insights that would be beneficial for this person to be aware of?