Cleansing Your Tarot Deck: A Step-by-Step Guide to Clearing Negative Energy

Introduction to Tarot

Tarot is a form of divination that has been used since the fifteenth century. It is a deck of 78 cards, which are divided into the major and minor arcs. Tarot cards are usually used to gain insight, wisdom and spiritual understanding during readings. Each tarot card is thought to be symbolic of an energy that can help one gain insight into various aspects of their life.

When using tarot cards, it is important to remember that the cards can pick up on negative energy that has been sent to them in the form of negative thoughts, feelings or emotions. It is important to ensure that your tarot cards are clean and clear of any negative energy before using them for readings.

Why It Is Important to Cleanse Your Tarot Deck

The main purpose of cleansing your tarot deck is to ensure that the cards are free of any negative energy. Unwanted energies can have an effect on the readings and can result in unclear or inaccurate interpretations. It is also important to ensure that the cards are in top condition and that they haven’t taken on any kind of damage or wear and tear over time.

Cleansing your tarot deck can also help to attune it to your energy and to the energy of the readings that you are doing. This can help to bring greater insight and clarity and can result in more accurate readings.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cleansing Your Tarot Deck

1. Prepare Your Space: Before you begin cleansing your tarot deck, it is important to make sure that your space is free of any negative energy and is a quiet, peaceful place where you won’t be disturbed.

2. Remove the Cards from the Box: Carefully remove all of the cards from the box and spread them out in front of you. Make sure that you have enough room to be able to lay out each card individually.

3. Ground and Centre Yourself: Take a few moments to close your eyes and take several slow, deep breaths. This will help you to ground and centre yourself and will help you to prepare for the cleansing process.

4. Fan out the Cards: Once you feel grounded and centred, lay each card in a single row and fan them out, so that you can see each card clearly. Take a moment to look at each card and hold it in your hands as you say an affirmation or prayer of cleansing.

5. Place the Cards on a Clean Surface: After you have said your affirmation or prayer, place the cards on a clean surface and allow them time to absorb the energy. This could be a window sill, a table or an altar where you have objects that are meaningful to you that you can use for cleansing.

6. Use a Purifying Herb or Incense: Burn a purifying herb or incense that matches the type of energy that you want to invoke. This will help to clear the cards of any negative energy and will help to open them up to the energy that you are sending them.

7. Reset the Intention of Your Cards: Spend a few moments visualizing a vibrant light of positive energy flowing over the cards and enveloping them. As you do this, reset the intention of the cards and ask that they be used only for the highest and best good.

8. Place the Cards Back in the Box: Once the cleansing is complete, place the cards back in the box and allow them to rest. It is best to keep the cards in a safe place that is free of negative energy and to attempt to limit the handling of the cards as much as possible.

Ending the Cleansing Process

When you have completed the cleansing process, it is important to take a few moments to thank the cards for their willingness to be cleansed and to offer your gratitude for their assistance. Taking the time to properly cleanse your tarot cards can help bring clarity and insight to your readings and will help ensure that your readings are in line with your highest and best intentions.
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What is the best way to clear negative energy from a tarot deck?

The best way to clear negative energy from a tarot deck is to pass the deck through incense smoke, in a counterclockwise movement, like a blessing. Alternatively, you can clear the energy of your tarot deck by placing it in direct sunlight for an hour or two, or by placing it on the surface of a quartz crystal overnight. Other options include placing your deck in a bowl of sea salt, putting it in a Bagua, or using other spiritual cleansing strategies such as visualization and prayer. Whatever method you choose, be sure to reset the intention of the cards and always use a respectful and loving approach.

What is the most effective way to charge a tarot deck?

The best and most effective way to charge a tarot deck is to cleanse and charge it with positive energy. This can be done through visualization, meditation, or by using rituals involving herbs, incense, and other tools of your choosing. This will help prepare the deck for use and strengthen the connection between it and the user. Additionally, surrounding the deck with crystals or placing it on a self-empowerment grid can also be used as an effective method to charge up the cards.

What is the best way to cleanse a tarot deck before charging it?

The best way to cleanse a tarot deck before charging it would be to pass it lightly through burning incense or sage, sprinkle it with holy water or sea salt water, or pass it through the smoke from a candle flame. You can also use crystals or pass it through moonlight, as well as various other methods. Finally, use your intuition to determine the best technique for your specific deck.