Bitty Tarot: Unlocking the Power of Small-Scale Readings

History of Tarot

Tarot readings have been used for centuries, going all the way back to ancient Egypt. It is a form of divination, or fortune-telling, that uses a deck of cards to reveal insights into a person’s life and make predictions about what is to come. While many see tarot readings as a tool for spiritual growth, they can also be used as a means for providing guidance and advice.

What Is Bitty Tarot?

Bitty Tarot is a modern form of tarot reading, designed to be accessible to everyone. It simplifies the tarot process, making it easier to understand and interpret the cards. Instead of traditional tarot readings that can take up to an hour, Bitty Tarot allows people to get a quick, simple answer to a question in just a few minutes.

How Bitty Tarot Works

Bitty Tarot is a simplified version of tarot readings that involves drawing just one card from the tarot deck. The card you draw will represent the insight or advice you need for the current situation. By focusing on the one card, you are able to get direct guidance and advice that is tailored to your specific situation.

Benefits of Bitty Tarot

The main benefit of Bitty Tarot is that it is a quick and easy way to get guidance and advice. It can be done anywhere and doesn’t require a large commitment of time, making it an ideal option for people with busy schedules. Additionally, many people find that because of its simplicity, it is easier to understand and interpret the cards they draw.

Making the Most of Bitty Tarot

When doing Bitty Tarot readings, it is important to be clear and focused on the question you are asking. Take some time to ponder your situation and the question you want to ask before you draw the card. Additionally, the more you practice, the better you will become at interpreting the cards. With practice, you will learn how to more accurately interpret the cards and understand the insights they offer.


Bitty Tarot is a modern form of tarot reading that offers simple, accessible guidance and advice. By drawing just one card, people can get a quick, straightforward answer to a specific question. With practice, anyone can learn to interpret the cards and unlock the power of small-scale tarot readings.
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What can I do with Bitty Tarot readings?

Bitty Tarot readings can be used to gain insight into difficult situations, explore relationships, and identify your best course of action. It can also be used to help clarify decisions, set intentions, and to gain clarity on life’s challenges. Additionally, many people use Bitty Tarot readings to gain a deeper understanding of their inner self, and even to offer guidance and support during difficult times.

What kind of information do Bitty Tarot readings provide?

Bitty Tarot readings provide guidance and perspective on pressing issues in your life, offering intuitive guidance from the cards and wisdom shared in the interpretation. By looking into the present and providing insight into the future, the cards can be used to help clarify your decisions, identify patterns or habits, and draw attention to areas needing further exploration and healing.

“Can Bitty Tarot readings provide predictions?”

Bitty Tarot readings are not designed to provide predictions. They are designed to provide insights about the present moment and can help one gain clarity about a situation or set of circumstances.