Beyond Boundaries: Exploring the World Tarot Card

Meaning of World Tarot Card

The World Tarot card is a major arcana card featuring a symbolic image of a female figure spinning against a green background. She is often seen as the embodiment of divine wholeness and cosmic balance. Generally, the World card symbolizes a sense of completion, liberation, and achievement. This is typically seen as a sign that you have gone through a journey and have reached a point of profound understanding.

Symbolism of World Tarot Card

The World Tarot card depicts a naked woman framed by a laurel wreath of victory. She holds a wand in one hand and a cord in the other. Behind her is a green sky which signifies the life-bringing power of nature. Her body is in is in the shape of a four-pointed star, depicting the four elements – air, water, fire and earth – which represents our material existence. Additionally, there is a lion, an eagle, a bull, and an angel at the corners of the card, symbolizing the the four suits of the tarot: Cups, Swords, Wands, and Pentacles.

Interpreting the World Tarot Card

The World Tarot card is a great omen, particularly if you have been working towards a goal. It usually signifies that you find yourself at a place of complete satisfaction, that your goals have been achieved and your efforts have been rewarded. This could also be a sign that you are starting a new life cycle or beginning a whole new journey.

In a more general sense, the World Tarot card stands for completion and wholeness. This could be a sign of the integration of all parts of yourself – physical, mental, and spiritual – as well as the realization of fulfilling the potential that is inside of you.

Reversed World Tarot Card

When the World Tarot card is reversed, it can signify that something is out of balance in your life. Your efforts may not be being rewarded, or you may be experiencing a state of stagnation or dissatisfaction. It may be time to re-evaluate how you are approaching your goals and take the necessary steps to realign yourself with success and prosperity.


The World Tarot card is a powerful card that represents a cycle of growth, success, and completion. It is a reminder that all things are interconnected and that, through dedication, anything is possible. When this card appears, take it as a sign that you should celebrate all that you have achieved and look forward to the next phase of your journey.
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What is the meaning of the World Tarot card?

The World Tarot card is a Major Arcana card, and it is associated with deep inner knowledge, spiritual wisdom, and fulfillment. It can symbolize the completion of a cycle, a feeling of wholeness, and a sense of accomplishment and success. This card can also represent the ability to manifest ones goals and aspirations.

What is the symbolism of the World Tarot card?

The World Tarot card serves as a symbol of meeting challenges with grace and fortitude. It serves as a reminder to enjoy and embrace life. When this card appears in a reading, it acknowledges the completion of a cycle, beginning anew, and achieving success. This card can also symbolise unfulfilled potential, inner growth, and powerful transformation.

What is the meaning of the World Tarot card in a reading?

The World Tarot card is associated with completion, accomplishment, and integration. It is a card of success and indicates that all the effort you have put in has reached its fruition. It can also symbolize that the time has come to reap the rewards of all your hard work. The World Tarot card can be a card of closure—a sign that something has come to an end and a new beginning is about to start.