Aquarius in the Tarot: Decoding the Symbolism of the Water Bearer

Exploring the Tarot Symbolism of Aquarius

The Aquarius card from the Tarot helps us to gain insight into the symbol of the Water Bearer. This enigmatic symbol suggests both creative and spiritual expressions, yet for many it can be difficult to understand its exact meaning. In this article, we explore the complexities of the Aquarius symbol and how it can be interpreted through the lens of Tarot.

The Meaning of Aquarius

In Tarot, Aquarius comes from the element of water and suggests refreshing ideas and spiritual healing. It relates to a sense of freedom, of making individual choices instead of being held captive by one’s circumstances. Aquarius helps to open up the heart, allowing for new perspectives and creative solutions. This Tarot symbol also suggests a connection to the Universe, encouraging an openness to higher guidance and divine messages.

The Symbolism of the Water Bearer

The Water Bearer in the Tarot suggests renewal, fertility, and prosperity. It can be linked to the abundance of water that surrounds us and the resourcefulness of this element in sustaining life on earth. The symbol of the Water Bearer often implies guidance and protection, as it can be seen as a reminder to take in the flows of life and accept what is offered. In the sense that water can flow freely and out to many different areas, the Water Bearer points to a sense of interconnectedness and expanding awareness.

Traits Connected with Aquarius

When we look at the Tarot card of Aquarius, we can begin to understand the traits associated with this sign. Aquarius indicates an accepting and non-judgmental state of being, open to any and all possibilities. Through the symbol of the Water Bearer, this Tarot card also points to our capacity for connection, from intimate relationships to larger communities. Aquarius teaches us to be in tune with our intuition and the energy of the Universe.

Finding Strength Through the Aquarius Card

The Aquarius card in the Tarot can provide us with strength, and aid us in understanding the symbolism of the Water Bearer. This card can remind us of the need to break free of old patterns and patterns of thought, as well as a reminder to value our individual potential. Through seeing the beauty in the interconnectedness of all things, Aquarius can help us to access our inner power and find peace in life’s adventures.


The Tarot, and in particular the Aquarius card, provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the symbolism of the Water Bearer. Through decoding this symbol, we can gain insight into the depths of our being and uncover our individual potential. This card helps us to accept the lessons life offers and find strength and healing within our highest selves.
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What are the psychological and spiritual implications of Aquarius in the Tarot?

The psychological implications of Aquarius in the Tarot are that it encourages us to connect with our inner wisdom and tap into our creativity and ingenuity. Aquarius can help us to develop our analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as use our imagination and innovation to find creative solutions.

The spiritual implications of Aquarius in the Tarot are that it supports us in developing a strong spiritual connection with the divine. With Aquarius, we can learn how to embrace uniqueness, find our purpose, and connect with our true spiritual identity. It also encourages us to use our available resources to make a positive impact on the world.

How do the elements of air and water combine to shape Aquarius’ symbolism in the Tarot?

Aquarius in the Tarot is often associated with air and water elements because it symbolizes the flow of energy between the conscious and the unconscious. Its symbol is the water bearer, suggesting the movement of knowledge from the conscious to the unconscious, from outer realms of reality to inner knowledge. The air element of Aquarius is associated with the ability to think independently, being open-minded and having a deep understanding of life. The water element refers to the emotions, feelings, and understanding of relationships with others. It is also associated with the ability to recognize and resolve inner conflicts, and to find harmony within. Combining these two elements of air and water, Aquarius in the Tarot symbolizes the balance between the conscious and the unconscious, the logical and the emotional, the rational and the intuitive.

How does Aquarius’ symbolism in the Tarot serve to guide us along our paths?

Aquarius in the Tarot symbolizes a potential for change and growth. It represents the ability to take risks and make decisions that may seem difficult or uncomfortable. It also encourages us to go beyond our comfort zones and push ourselves to explore new heights. Aquarius can inspire us to think of creative solutions to our problems, and to open our minds to different perspectives. It is a reminder that we are capable of making transformational changes in our lives and creating our own unique destiny.

What major archetypal symbols relate to Aquarius in the Tarot?

In Tarot, Aquarius is associated with the Star Card, which is a major card in the Major Arcana. This card symbolizes hope, renewal, inner strength, and connection with a higher power. It also represents inner guidance, spiritual growth, and deep understanding. Additionally, the Water Bearer Card, representing the zodiac sign Aquarius, is another card strongly linked to this zodiac sign in the Tarot. This card symbolizes intelligence, resourcefulness, and quick-thinking.

What card in the Tarot is associated with Aquarius?

The traditional Tarot card associated with Aquarius is The Star. It represents hope, renewal and inner strength, and encourages us to connect with a higher power and reach for a higher level of understanding. The Water Bearer Card is also associated with Aquarius and signifies intelligence, resourcefulness and quick-thinking.

What is the corresponding astrological sign for the Aquarius Tarot card?

The Aquarius Tarot card corresponds with the astrological sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is the eleventh astrological sign in the zodiac and is ruled by Uranus. It is an air sign and is symbolized by the Water Bearer. Aquarius is associated with the Planet of rebellion, change and progress, as well as being an independent, eccentric and progressive sign.

What Tarot cards correspond to the astrological sign Aquarius?

Ace of Swords, Six of Swords, Seven of Swords, and Two of Cups.