Angelic Numerology: Understanding the Messages of Numbers from the Angels


Angelic Numerology is the study of numbers, their vibrations, and what the Angels may be communicating through their use. This form of angelic communication is particularly associated with spiritual studies and includes understanding the deeper messages held in the often innocent meanings behind numerical sequences and their individual digits. It is not something to be taken lightly as it requires careful study and practice over time, although as with all subjects, this dedication and effort is something that any believer can achieve.

History of Angelic Numerology

The roots of Angelic Numerology can be traced all the way back to Ancient Egypt, with records of the great Pharaohs and magicians using symbols and numbers to communicate, both in life and after death. It is suggested that for anyone that fully committed themselves to this knowledge and sought answers from higher spiritual sources, the gods and angels could provide direct, meaningful responses in the form of numerical messages. As civilizations and languages developed, so too did these numerological practices, and more recent centuries have seen its revival in more spiritualist settings.

The Meaning Behind Numbers

The numbers one to nine each hold their own distinct vibration and energy. An individual’s date of birth, for example, can be broken down and expressed as a single number, in what is known as their ‘Life Path’ or ‘soul’s mission’. This number has a predefined, deeper meaning and can represent the individual’s tendencies, core values, and even feelings about the world. Other numbers, such as those with soul vibrations, contain information on how someone can understand and master the life lessons they are currently facing – and which ones they are likely to face in life.

The Individualized Numerical Messages

Due to the complexity of an individual’s life, Angelic Numerology often goes beyond identifying a single ‘numeric signature’. Instead, personal messages can be found in regular numerical sequences found in everyday life. For example, repeating sequences on clocks, license plates, and phone numbers can be seen as representing the guidance of spiritual beings in order to help the recipient on their journey through life. Furthermore, the Angel Numerology can also be used to interpret dreams and provide guidance on any challenges the dreamer may have.

Highlighted Numbers: 11, 22, and 33

Though all numbers can be interpreted in the same way, some vibrations appear to hold special significance and an increased level of importance. Known as ‘Master Numbers’, these triple-digit sequences are said to be loaded with additional energies, such as 11, 22, and 33. In each sequence, the presence of a ‘zero’ magnifies the energy of the two digits around it, representing ‘the perfection of God’ and usually suggesting a greater spiritual awakening for the recipient. It is also suggested that these numbers each possess their own special energies, with 11 representing intuition, 22 ambition, and 33 a deeper understanding of one’s own life path.

Focussing on the Numerical Clues

Angelic Numerology is a profession that normally requires a particular level of dedication and concentration. The vibrations and meanings associated with each number must be fully understood, together with how to articulate the specific numerical messages. Significant research must often be invested into the spiritual importance of each number as a whole, and how one could change its overall energy.


For those seeking answers to life’s questions, Angelic Numerology could hold the tools and knowledge necessary to comprehend its deeper messages and the vibrations that help to shape a person’s destiny. A good understanding of the numbers, their combination and ultimate meaning, provides access to interpreting the words of our celestial guides. Overall, Angel Numerology can represent an invaluable way of comprehending the spiritual journey and the messages being transmitted to us by the Angelic realm.
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What are the different numbers associated with angelic numerology?

Angelic numerology uses a combination of three numbers derived from your full name and birth date to give a better understanding of your life and destiny.

The three numbers associated with angelic numerology are soul number, life purpose number, and birthday number.

The soul number is obtained by converting the letters in your full name into numbers and reduces to a single digit. This number is believed to represent your core being and your inner desires

The life purpose number is derived from your full name and birth date and is thought to provide insight into your overall purpose and potential in life.

The birthday number is a single digit derived from your birth date, which is believed to shed light on your character and the talents you may possess.

How can angelic numerology help you?

Angelic numerology can help you to gain a better understanding of who you are and what your life potential is. By interpreting the messages of the numbers derived from your full name and birth date, you can gain a deeper insight into your true nature and the life that you are meant to live.

Through angelic numerology, you can uncover hidden abilities and qualities that you are meant to develop as well as karmic connections and life lessons to be learned. It can also provide insight into how to align with your life’s purpose, as well as potentially guiding you with decisions about which path to take in life.