Angelic Healing Meditation: Connecting with Angels for Healing and Comfort


Angelic healing meditation is a practice used to harness the power of angels and direct their energy toward healing and comfort. Angels are powerful energy fields and a powerful source of healing. They are being of light, love and wisdom that can help us to find peace, hope and healing. By engaging in angelic healing meditation, we can tap into this energy, harness it and use it to bring about healing and comfort.

What Are Angels?

Angels are spiritual beings that originate from Heaven and are here to help us on our spiritual path. They are thought to be messengers from God sent to carry out His will and offer us guidance along the path of life. Angels are said to possess great healing powers and it is believed that through meditation and prayer we can connect with their energy and receive their healing powers.

Angelic Healing Meditation

Angelic healing meditation is a guided technique for connecting with the positive energy of angels. This type of meditation is commonly used by those looking for healing, comfort and inner strength. In this practice, the meditator will visualize an angel or angels, and allow the energy of these angels to flow into the body, mind and spirit. This can be done through visualization, inner dialogue, prayer or guided meditation.

Benefits of Angelic Healing Meditation

Angelic healing meditation is believed to offer many benefits, such as:

  • A renewed sense of inner peace and calmness
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Increased ability to connect with and receive spiritual guidance
  • Improved physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being
  • Release of mental and emotional blocks
  • Increased positive energy and focus
  • Reduced stress and fatigue
  • Increased faith, hope and love

How to Connect with Angels during Angelic Healing Meditation

The following steps will help you to connect with angels during angelic healing meditation:

  • Find a quiet, comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths to center yourself.
  • Visualize an angel or angels surrounding you. Picture them as pure, loving and wise beings, expressing unconditional love and compassion.
  • Focus on the light that angelic beings radiate, feel it entering your body and radiating through your being. With each breath, allow yourself to be receptive to the healing vibes from the angels.
  • Allow your mind to be free and release any negative thoughts. Visualize your body filling with the healing and calming energy from the angels.
  • Envision yourself in a healing cocoon of light, feel the love and healing energy of the angels flow through you, and comfort any pain or illness.

Tips for Practicing Angelic Healing Meditation

  • Stay consistent. Set aside a few minutes every day to meditate and focus on connecting with the angels.
  • Be open to recieving guidance and ask the angels to reveal specific messages to you. Have faith in their ability to do so.
  • Take time prior to the meditation to quiet your mind and choose a focus for your interaction with the angelic realm.
  • Practice visualization and inner dialogue; feel the energy of the angels and use it to heal or gain knowledge and understanding from them.
  • Write down your experiences afterwards, as journaling is a great way to reflect and remember the lessons learned from the meditation.


Angelic healing meditation is a powerful tool to access the calming and healing powers of angels. This practice can help you to find peace, hope and strength in times of need. It can also help to open up your inner wisdom, and bring clarity and guidance as you move forward on your life’s journey. When engaging in this type of meditation, be open to the energy of the angelic realm, focus your thoughts and intention, and use the energy of the angels to bring healing and comfort.
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With consistent practice, you too can experience the profound benefits of angelic healing meditation.

What are some common benefits of angelic healing meditation?

1. Deep relaxation: Angelic healing meditations allow you to go into a space where you experience deep rest and relaxation within your body. This helps to reduce stress and improve overall wellbeing.

2. Increased clarity: Angelic healing meditation helps to bring clarity and understanding to certain areas of your life that might be causing confusion or misinterpretation.

3. Strengthened connection with spiritual energy: By engaging in angelic healing meditation, you can become in tune with the spiritual energy of angels. This allows for a deeper connection with the divine, and helps build faith and trust in angels.

4. Release of negative energy: The energy of angels can help to release negative energy from the body and help to keep negative energy away from the body.

5. Improved mood and mental health: Angelic healing meditation can help to lift your spirits and clear your mind, improving overall mental and emotional wellbeing.

6. Increased understanding of life events: Angelic healing meditation allows you to step away from the chaos of life and gain a better understanding of situations or events that are happening in your life, thus allowing you to make wiser decisions.