Ali Tarot: Unveiling the Mysteries of Divination

Divination: A Brief Overview

Divination is the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown through natural or supernatural means. It has been used in cultures around the world for centuries, from the ancient Greeks and Romans to Native Americans and many others.

Divination can take many forms, from Tarot cards and rune readings to I Ching, astrology, and dream analysis. The goal is to gain insight into current events or to predict future events.

The Origins Of Ali Tarot

Ali Tarot is a modern form of divination that emerged in the early 21st century. Its creator, Ali White, created the system as a way to provide people with new insights into their lives and to guide them in making important decisions. Ali Tarot combines elements of traditional divination with modern psychological understanding.

The system is based on the belief that intuition is the guiding force of all decisions. As Ali White puts it, “Your intuition always knows the truth, and if you can tap into that truth, you can make the right decisions.”

How Ali Tarot Works

The Ali Tarot system relies on a set of 78 tarot cards, which are divided into two main categories: the Minor Arcanum and the Major Arcanum. Each card has a unique illustration and interpretation, which guides readers in understanding how to apply the card in a particular situation.

For a reading, the reader will lay out the tarot cards in a particular pattern, known as a spread. Different spreads are used depending on the type of question or topic being addressed.

Once the reader has laid out the cards, they will interpret the spread according to its specific meaning. The interpretation of the spread will help the reader understand how the cards relate to the situation at hand.

What To Expect From An Ali Tarot Reading

A typical Ali Tarot reading will focus on a particular area of your life, such as future relationships, career opportunities, or spiritual growth. A reading will provide insight into the energies that are present in the situation, as well as potential paths of action that can be taken.

The reading should also provide clarity and understanding to help you make decisions that are in line with your goals and desires. An Ali Tarot reading can also be a helpful tool for problem-solving, since it can provide an objective perspective on a situation.


Ali Tarot is a modern form of divination that combines traditional elements of tarot with modern psychological understanding. By tapping into the guidance of your intuition, an Ali Tarot reading can provide insight and clarity to help you make important decisions. Whether you’re looking for guidance in business, relationships, or spiritual growth, Ali Tarot can be a valuable tool for navigating life’s mysteries.
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What types of tarot readings are available through Ali Tarot?

Ali Tarot offers a variety of tarot readings including general readings, past, present and future readings, love readings, financial readings, spiritual readings, and more. Additionally, clients can choose from a variety of decks and spreads, including Celtic Cross, Birthday, Numerology, Chakra, and many more. Additionally, all readings come with free email assistance for follow up questions.

What is a free tarot reading with Ali Tarot?

A free tarot reading from Ali Tarot is a free three-card tarot reading that provides you with insight and perspective on your current life situation. During the reading, an experienced tarot reader will interpret the cards to determine how the energies of the moment are influencing your life. The tarot reader will also explain the deeper spiritual meanings of the cards, as well as provide guidance on how you can take action to align your life with your highest potential.